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Entertainment Upgrade

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All,  I purchased a RV with ~10+yr old electronics and entertainment systems and am now planning an upgrade to the system.   My initial thinking is there are 3 critical and core elements, Internet mobile access, Internet/digital streaming TV and the switching system.  The current installation allows the possibility to upgrade the internet mobile access and front lounge TV, utilizing the current amplifier/switching to continue using the speaker system and CD player.   (I am old enough to have CDs to put in this player.)

  1. The plan and upgrade steps look like, eliminate the plasma TV and replace with a current internet-enabled, digital streaming capable TV, ~$350.
  2. Eliminate the satellite hook-up, now inactive, and replace with an Inseego MiFi 2100 5G capable mobile hotspot.  Since I'm already a Verizon customer, it will be easier/simpler to add this device and service to my existing account.   And even though 5G service is currently limited, this device will default to 4G, and capture 5G whenever/wherever available.   Also, the Inseego will allow any mobile phone/tablet to connect to it providing internet access to any/all devices coming onto the RV.   The TV is just another device "paired" to the hotspot, wired or wireless.   ~$60/month for service and ~$400 device cost.
  3. Utilize the existing amplifier and switching device to bring the audio signal into the existing Bose speaker system and continuing use of the CD player.

For folks having done some/all of this type of upgrade before, do I have this about correct?  Am I missing major items/issues, and if so what?   Any suggestions/recommendations, possible problems, etc. are greatly appreciated.   And I'm able to write this all up, step-by-step, if folks believe others can reuse/apply the template.   Thank you.

   ---   Jon

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