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1960 Bus Conversion With FMCA Plate

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Hello, everyone. We are new to this forum and are in the process of looking over buses to purchase.

We found a 4104 1960 conversion, but it has a few snags. First and foremost, the current owner only has a notorized bill of sale from the mechanic, who somehow came to own the bus. The owners are in Phoenix, and that's all I know at this time.

There is an FMCA plate on the front and on the rear of this bus. I thought maybe some of you or the admins would know who these members are, or were, and possibly let them know I am trying to locate them.

I would like to contact them to see what was wrong with the coach when they took it to the mechanic and to also check and see if this whole bill of sale is on the up and up.

The member number is 68505.

They can send me a private message so I can give them my e-mail address.

Thank so much for any help! We look forward to spending more time here, as we will be bus owners soon enough.

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Guest BillAdams

Well, since I just got my Jan. 2012 FMCA magazine I was going to show you a real cool trick and post the exact information you wanted as, in the past, FMCA has listed all of their members by FMCA number in this issue of the mag. Surprise, surprise, this service is gone! I don't know when it went away but I am sure it is a part of the FMCA austerity program as it saves many printed pages in the annual issue.

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