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  1. Is it possible that high powered bulbs were installed without using a relay? The ground wire may be in a plastic loom and hard to trace back to check the ground contact If one or more of the connection spades (pins) inside the connector fits loose on the bulb it can overheat and melt the connector. After that happens the metal connections will oxidiize and make the connection worse. Auto parts stores have an assortment of the connectors and you can try matching it. When you put it together be sure the terminals on the bulb are shiny and coated with dielectric silicone or vasoline and fit very snug.
  2. The Internet has all the info. Sheep skin seat cover
  3. I installed hardware cloth on the inside of the cover on both roof top a/c units. I matched the curvature of the cover for an original look. No more hail bending the fins.
  4. Daffy Welcome to the forum. It is optional but It really helps if you automatically add your motorhome discription to your posts. You have about the longest wheel base and overall length of a gasoline chassis without having the stability of a second rear axle. The amount of motorhome behind your rear axle is putting you in the position of "the tail wagging the dog". When a semi-tractor trailer starts to pass you will receive a side air push on the back left side that will cause the front of your motorhome to go toward the centerline of the highway. As he moves up along side of you the wind push reverses with the back left side in a negative pressure and your front now has the air push moving your front to the right. The similar effect takes place when driving with the wind blowing sidways to your travel direction. When I added the Davis TruTrac bar to the front axle of my 36' Ford Bounder it was an improvement. Several years later I added a Henderson? rear axle trac bar and noted the difference immeadiatey. My vote is for the front and rear axle track bars on your motorhome with the long rear overhang. The front axle track bar will also be a benefit in case of a front tire blowout. As a side note, the sway bars make the greatest difference for sideway rocking which is not your described problem. The spring loaded tie rod stabilizer may give you some steering benefit. My seat of my pants evaluation, Dwight
  5. Check " Going To The Sun Road " for information & daily pictures of snow plow progress. The road won't open until June 21st. Vehicle Max. Length--21' Width--8' Height--10'
  6. I use Meguiars Professional Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner on all my engine compartments. Available in a one gallon container & applied with a hand sprayer bottle and leave it on. It makes pressure washing the engine so much easier the following year or so. Dwight
  7. Jeff If you add your motorhome information to your signature it will make questions much easier to answer for your specific vehicle. The site for Denso Heavy Duty -- RV Windshield wipers shows the blade assembly and also shows the rubber only is available for the Denso Wiper System that was used on many motorhomes. Personally I ended the problem by Installing the adapter that converts the Denco Arm to a J hook style arm that is quite universal on automobiles and replacement blades are available everywhere up to 28" and even longer at some auto parts stores. Enter - Anco 4817 on amazon.com for the J hook adapter kit for less than $10 plus postage. That will allow you to purchase the newer style blades that lay closer to the glass and do a excellent job of following the curve of the windshield. Now come back and tell us about the picture you have posted. Dwight
  8. Rich, You never want to have air breaks on a school bus but many school buses have air brakes.
  9. Hello Rich This Argon gas and window tinting goes way beyond me but I do have my amphibian airplane also parked beside my Bounder. The beautiful fireworks display we watched at midnight last night tells me 2013 will be a very good year. See you in Cody this spring. Dwight
  10. OH YA, I remember those days and years when I stood there with my parents. Does the F1099 on the license plate have any special meaning? I have my F membership number on my motorhome plates. Memories for your kids will last forever.
  11. We all have our favorites for various reasons but I want a system that always works and has the record of having one of the least number of postings describing problems. F513 & 513s
  12. FEAR OF UNKNOWN TEMPERATURE = or = EASE OF MIND ACURITE wireless THERMOMETER = Indoor / Outdoor Temperatures model #00380W $10.= 1. Outdoor Remote Sender can be located in compartment with fresh water tank / pump 2. The exact time when battery's are installed in Indoor Unit starts the 24 Hr timer to record maximum & minimum daily temperatures and automatically resets for new temps 24 Hrs later. Walmart $10.00 Buy two and locate one in the grey & black water dump valve compartment.
  13. Parts department at heavy truck dealers, Navistar-Freightliner-etc. Larger Highway Truck stops that have trucker accessories. Camping World.
  14. I believe you should already have a cord with one end permanently connected to your motor home and the other end has the special 30 amp plug to be connected at a camp ground. RV stores or Walmart have the adapter to plug onto that end so that you can plug it into a standard 15 amp 120 volt outlet on the outside of a house or garage. The generator is probably already permanently wired into the motor home.
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