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How to Access Slideouts Manually

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I have 2006 Fleetwood Excursion Class A motorhome.

Where do you gain access, whether the slides are in the closed position or open position, to manually retract the slides in the event of a power failure?

Seems like no access ... one RV service tech told me they would have to remove possibly sofa for front slide access.

I would like to have this knowledge, as I witnessed a similar problem recently at a campsite.

Thanks, in advance.


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On my coach a Fleetwood product different model and year. One access the drive system from under the coach.

The drive motor needs to be disengaged from the system and the the drive is turned by hand, using a wrench or a drill motor with the appropriate adapters.

My side(s) drive is made by power Gear. Could you post your system make and model ? Also, look under the coach and look for the slider drive rails and the mechanism. Take a 2 or 3 pictures and attach them to your thread. Look for the drive motor assembly and get a good picture of it and the gearbox driving the drive axles.


Added link on 1-21-2013. This is a link to how to manually operate one of the systems used on Fleetwood products.


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