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I was interested in buying a 2013 Hyundai Veloster (Manual Transmission) to flat tow behind our class A motorhome. The FMCA Dinghy Towing 2013 Guide shows this vehicle as flat-towable with no restrictions on the manual transmission. I wrote to Hyundai USA and received the following reply. We won't be buying a Hyundai to tow since they won't warranty any damage from flat-towing this vehicle. Blue Ox is making base plates for this car.

From: Hyundai Customer Connect Center <ConsumerAffairs@hmausa.com>
To: xxxxxxx

Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 2:49 PM
Subject: RE: Hyundai USA - Warranty Coverage (CASE 5909901) (#2714-372023005-2658)

Dear Gerry Dunn:

Thank you For contacting Hyundai Motor America. We thank you for your interest in our 2013 Veloster and we appreciate the opportunity to advise of the proper way to tow a 2013 Manual Transmission Veloster.

It is acceptable to tow the vehicle with the rear wheels on the ground (without dollies) and the front wheels off the ground. If any of the loaded wheels or suspension components are damaged or the vehicle is being towed with the front wheels on the ground, use a towing dolly under the front wheels. When being towed by a commercial tow truck and wheel dollies are not used, the front of the vehicle should always be lifted, not the rear. The use of wheel dollies or flatbed is recommended.

Please be advised that we encourage you to speak with the service department of your local Hyundai Dealership for more helpful information.

If you have any additional questions or concerns that we can assist you with, Please reach out to us again at any time. We can be reached by email (ConsumerAffairs@HMAUSA.com) or by calling our toll-free customer service number (800-633-5151).

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time
Saturday - Sunday: 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time

We have documented your comments. Your case number 5909901 can be referenced if we can provide further assistance.

Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America.


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Jul 24, 2013 10:48:39 AM
Subject: Hyundai USA - Warranty Coverage

First Name: Gerry
Last Name: Dunn
Email: xxxxxxx
Phone: xxxxxxx
Subject: Warranty Coverage
Message: I am very interested in buying a 2013 manual transmission Veloster Turbo in the next couple days. Can the 2013 Veloster Veloster be flat towed (dinghy) behind my motorhome without voiding the Hyundai warrantee? It is listed as towable in the 2013 Dinghy Towing Guide from the Family Motor Coach Association. Link: http://www.fmca.com/motorhome/towing/204-towing-guides-towing-four-wheels-down

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We are in thr process of purchasing a 2014 Veloster, same question, has anything changed with towability 4 wheels down. Blue Ox makes the baseplate for it. Will we be voiding the warranty by towing it in this manner?

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What does the owners manual say, that should be the definitive answer. On another note, I had a 2002 Elantra GT. Never towed it, it was an automatic. But I did tow my Harley on a Kendon trailer behind the Hyundai and it lasted 7 years and 147 thousand miles. Nothing wrong with it when I sold it. I just got a bug for a new car and bought my Scion xB. Then I had 2 cars and a Harley. 20/20 says I should have driven the wheels off the Elantra--it was a great car and one of the most comfortable driver's seat for a 6' 3" guy. I like my Scion, but it's no Elantra GT (Too bad they changed that car too) and now Scion is going away.

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