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Buying A Used Motorhome

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We are not new to RVing we currently have a 2007 Itasca Sunrise 35L Class A gas motorhome. Looking to upgrade to a diesel Class A motorhome to go full timing when we retire.

We found a used 2008 Winnebago Journey 39Z with only 9k miles on it. Looks like the previous owner never used it. The inside was like new. The tires need replacing the DOT was 2007 and seen some cracks on the front tires. I would also guess the batteries need replacing too they were low.

The issue that I have is when the tech was getting it ready for us to look and test drive it. It broke down the tech said he got the warning that the engine needs to shut down. They ended up having to tow it to the shop. We looked at it the diesel generator ran fine. Tired starting the engine it sounds like the engine wants to start but doesn't. The tech said he thinks its a fuel issue since its been sitting in this cold weather.

I checked the oil on the dip sticks and they were both full and clean.

I told the salesman that I still want to test drive it and want to know why it shut down.

The wife and I both like the layout of the RV but being a 2008 and already broke down not sure if we should just walk away from it.

What should I do walk away or buy it?

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Neither-- until you have talked with the tech to determine what caused the shut down. Silly to walk away if merely a clogged fuel filter.

Silly to buy if a major engine problem-- unless the price is adjusted accordingly.

Also consider taking the coach to the engine manufacturer's dealer (probably Cummins) to have them download and tell you the history of issues with the engine that are stored in the engine's computer.

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I can't speculate on what the problem is beyond the first thing I would check would be fuel filters. You will learn if a diesel shuts down and it isn't heat related it is most likely a filter/bad fuel problem. I am hoping to hear what the problem is. Better now than after you sine the paperwork. I had a problem with the generator before I hander over the check. They are much more interested in fixing things before rather than after.

By the way Brett does an excellent seminar.


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