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  1. Thank you Brett for your suggestion. We are waiting to hear what the cause of the shutdown. I see on the Forum you are having a seminar on diesel engines sure wish we had the time to attend.
  2. We are not new to RVing we currently have a 2007 Itasca Sunrise 35L Class A gas motorhome. Looking to upgrade to a diesel Class A motorhome to go full timing when we retire. We found a used 2008 Winnebago Journey 39Z with only 9k miles on it. Looks like the previous owner never used it. The inside was like new. The tires need replacing the DOT was 2007 and seen some cracks on the front tires. I would also guess the batteries need replacing too they were low. The issue that I have is when the tech was getting it ready for us to look and test drive it. It broke down the tech said he got the warning that the engine needs to shut down. They ended up having to tow it to the shop. We looked at it the diesel generator ran fine. Tired starting the engine it sounds like the engine wants to start but doesn't. The tech said he thinks its a fuel issue since its been sitting in this cold weather. I checked the oil on the dip sticks and they were both full and clean. I told the salesman that I still want to test drive it and want to know why it shut down. The wife and I both like the layout of the RV but being a 2008 and already broke down not sure if we should just walk away from it. What should I do walk away or buy it?
  3. If you are in the Washington DC area we recommend Cherry Hill RV park. http://cherryhillpark.com It's in College Park Maryland. They have a Metro bus that will take you to the Metro train station to DC.
  4. I just went online and purchased the 50 amp power pal. I've been looking for something like this since I learned the hard way. We were at a very nice RV park hooked everything up like I normally do even with a surge protector. I was outside of our coach the wife was inside turned on the AC and when it came on I heard "pow, pow" and the wife said she smelled something burning. Turned out that I blew the capacitors on the AC and burned out the energy management circuit board. It all happened within seconds... The mechanic said I was lucky that the coach didn't catch on fire. Since then I always check the outlets before I plug in.
  5. We also are looking for that MH to retire in. We were at the largest RV show in September Hersey Pa. didn't buy anything yet but really liked the Entegra the best. liked the fit and finish of all the cabinets & side radiator. You can see and service the engine from the back of the coach. The only thing I would be concerned about is where to take the Entegra for service. There are not too many places here that work on Spartan Chassis Our local RV dealer stopped selling Entegra said they have too many electrical issues. I'm not sure about Tiffin either. There are too many people that I've talked to who has the Tiffin Phaton and said its been in the shop more than camping. My second choice would be a Newmar but haven't found a floor plan that we like or in our budget.
  6. My first question would be what kind of paper are you using? We use only single ply Scotts or the RV toilet paper.
  7. Hello 99, It's funny we have been wondering the same thing. When the wife and I retire we are planning on selling the house and go full timing in a new motorhome. We have been to many RV shows and Rallies and I've come to the conclusion they all have features that you like and don't like. You have to decided who offers the most features that you like, who will give you the best price and service and which motorhome does the wife like "Happy Wife Happy Life". Another important thing is what kind of full timing are you planning to do? Going traveling or staying at one place for a period of time. I would like to get a 42 footer but I know you will be limited on where you can camp since there are a lot of small campgrounds and cannot take a 42 ft motorhome. I would think there is a "Consumers Reports" for motorhomes out there that may help? Good luck on finding your motorhome. I would like to know which one you finally pick.
  8. I know a lot of RVer's stay at a Wal-Mart overnight but we don't feel comfortable staying overnight at a Wal-mart. We stopped at a Wal-Mart in Maryland once and there was a strange guy riding a bike going around and looking into the RV he came right up to our door scared the wife and we just left. Flying J are okay but if you get there late sometimes its hard to find a space and if you park where the truckers park I get the feeling they don't like us parking in their parking area. We joined a RV club that has campgrounds thru out the US and as members we can stay free or pay $3.00 per night. so when we are traveling long distance we plan our trips and see if one of their campsites are near. It's much more comfortable to have full hookups and the slides out even if its only for one night.
  9. Hi Frank, I have seen those Cricket golf carts and I would think it would fit in the back of the CRV with the back seats folded down. We have a 2007 Honda CRV and we have (2) 4 wheel GoGo scooters that we put in the back of our CRV with the back seats folded up they fit long ways very nicely without having to take the scooters apart.
  10. Anyone traveling the Ohio Turnpike they have Rest Areas Travel Plaza's that offer RV parking that has 20/30/50 amp service; water and dump for a $20.00 fee. Check out their web site.
  11. I just bought 6 tires usings the Advantage program paid $2906.00 included mounting balanccing new steel valve stem and old tire disposal. I got the tires at Service Tire Truck in Millville NJ. A great place the service was excellent and the manager Jim was nice to work with.
  12. I would go with AGM batteries never have to worry about filling or checking the water level. The place where I found good price for AGM batteries is the Battery Plus Store.
  13. We love Cherry Hill RV Park . The place is very clean like the pools & Hot Tub and the food in thier cafe is good too. They have a great laundry facility and a free outdoor movies. We use to go every 4th of July weekend get some crabs from the fish market in Washington and take them back to the Rig and watch the fire works near by from our rig eating crabs.
  14. We have an 2007 Itasca Sunrise 36L motorhome and it was due for new tires (235/80R22.5). The DOT date on the old tires were 2006. From what I have read, you should replace the tires at 5 to 7 years old due to dry rot. I would like to say thank you to FMCA for their tire program with Michelin. I am very happy with the savings. I saved 14% off each tire. I called Service Tire Truck Center in Millville, N.J. Because my company deals with them, I thought I would get a good price. I called different places to compare prices, and Service Tire Truck Center did have a good price. I asked Jim (manager) about the FMCA Michelin Advantage Program. He looked up their price for the tires and said he couldn't beat their price. I followed the instructions for the Michelin Advantage program on FMCA web site I gave Jim the Ship-to number and on Monday they installed 6 new Michelin tires. Thank you, again, FMCA, for the savings and thank you to Jim at Service Tire Truck Center in Millville, N.J., for your excellent service.
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