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''Ting a Ling''

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I am probably the only one that has ever done this but I will bring it up just in case you have done the same

Yesterday we stopped at Wally world for some food and other stuff. Since we were going in and out with the dogs and other things I decided to ''lock the step'' down in the open position.

I took the dogs out to ''twinkle'' and Willa went shopping .. Me and the dogs came back inside and Willa finally came back with a couple things that were ''on sale'' and a cart full of groceries. We handed up all the ''stuff''' she had bought and she put her ''on sale'' bargins in the closet and put away the groceries. I checked the e mail and reprogramed the Tom Tom....... We slammed the door and locked it and fired up the Pace and hit the trail. The more astute of you reading this will notice a error on my part ......... Yep, I didnt put the step in ...... I bet I am the only motorhomer that has ever forgot to put his step in when he leaves Wally World ..... Luckily, I didnt get close to a curb or anything that would '' remove the step for me ''. I finally noticed it about ten miles down the road and Willa flipped the switch and it retracted nicely. To prevent this in the future I am going to do two things.

One. I am going to put Willa in charge of being sure that the step is retracted properly.

Two. I am going to get me a small but loud cow bell and a piece of chain and attach the whole mess to the bottom step. This way, if Willa forgets to put the step back in properly,,,,,,,,, the bell will go ''ting a ling'' on the roadway and she will see how silly she is for not putting the step back in properly. I will also cut the chain in a manner that when the step is retracted, as it should be while traveling, that the bell will be several inches from the pavement and it will ''swing in the breeze but not tinkle''......

If you use this information you must pay me ten cents the next time you see me.... Of course, On the other hand ..... If it doesent work for you.......I never knew you.....

Seajay the sailor man .....

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Guest Wayne77590

I have one of those new state of the art step contraptions. I have an on/off switch that works when the engine ins not running. In the off position the step will go out and stay out. In the on position the step will go in and out with each door opening/closing. The new state of the art is when I turn the ignition key on, if the step is out, it comes in. Same thing for my awnings.

Buckle down and get you one of these new, couple hundred thousand dollar, new state of the art contraptions.

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I'm with Wayne, got to have the latest greatest! I have no idea how my step works! When I open the door it comes out. If I start the engine it comes in. If something goes wrong, there is a light on the dash that indicates "Step Out". Magic is wonderful. If I turn on the step switch, it comes out every time I open the door and comes in every time I close the door. So I don't worry about the switch. Open the door and the step goes out and stays out. Start the engine and the step comes in. It works for me! Now if I could ever get this pants and shoes thing down, I'd really be on top of the world!

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