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Spare Tire Or Extended Tire Warranty

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I've read the treads about spare tires. It is tough to find space for a 22.5 tire so I was wondering. Wholesale warranties sells a tire warranty in addition to their ext. service contract. It's $450 for 7 years.

$0 Deductible / Unlimited Usage - There is no limitation to the number of times that you can use this policy over the course of your chosen term, and you are not responsible for any deductible for covered claims!

Transferrable – If you were to sell this unit you will be able to transfer the warranty to the new owner making your unit more appealing and valuable to subsequent owners.

Exclusive Features:

- Full replacement costs are covered when tire is un-repairable and/or the wheel is damaged so it is unable to seal with the tire.

- Coverage is extended to the tire and wheels of a vehicle being towed by a motorhome, or the vehicle that is towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel, while they are actively being towed/towing.

- Benefits can be used in the United States and Canada!

- Coverage is extended to your tow vehicle if the tire failure occurs while it is towing your RV.


A new tire would cost somewhere $450-$650. Why not buy the warranty and not have to carry a spare?


Mike Rodgers

03 Phaeton, 40'

tow dolly

Honda accord

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Mike.  I buy 8 new tires every 6-7 years, have not found anything on a tire warranty (that you pay for), that covers anything that the new tire warranty does not cover!  Don't forget depreciation. 

Don't know if I made myself clear.


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My tire dealer, a good friend of mine, told me on both Heavy truck and motor home tires the only warranty is Mfg. Defects. No time, mileage or road hazard. Do I understand this wrong?

Herman (???)

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Have to wonder what the exclusions are re "covered claims".  Are non-repairable punctures and cuts covered? What about run low flex failure i.e. "zipper" failures,  leaky valves?  The list goes on and on unless the warranty offers 100% coverage for any reason including road hazards.

Another item is the time it might take to locate the correct tire to match the failed tire.  Hours, days, weeks?   "Close in size" isn't good enough in many instances such as matching duals etc.

A review of many posts here shows that some brands/designs/size/Load Range can take weeks or longer to locate. Does the warranty mention about what they will do if you are on the Interstate with a failed tire and they don't have the correct replacement?

Tire warranties sound fine for normal passenger & LT tires that have less critical fitment requirements but I'm not so sure about 22.5 sizes.

You say you don't have space to carry a spare. Do you mean you don't have a space large enough to hold a tire or that you have too much "stuff". Remember you can always carry just an unmounted tire and put a lot of "stuff" inside the tire. This spare can also be a worn out tire (low cost) that is good enough to get you off the Interstate and to a truck tire service center.

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