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Trying to get a new Eagle 45 serviced....



Since retiring my wife and I decided we wanted to get out and see some of this amazing country -- so we decided we would consider RV'ing.

I joined all the associations, read all about coaches: Manufacturers, Size of coach, Horsepower, equipment, reliability - even which Tow vehicle we would pull...... I did the research!    We visited dealers around the country, looked at coaches, test-drove a bunch and settled on a new American Coach - Eagle 45A. Our first venture into 'the freedom-of-the-road'.

We paid the money took delivery and really enjoyed the first few weeks..... that was until I encountered the only aspect I hadn't researched..... service (or lack of)!   

As with all vehicles of this complexity, there were some things that needed attention - many relatively minor and just needed adjusting - a couple very significant and making the Eagle unroadworthy .... specifically loose windshield that could be moved with simply pressure of the thumb and when using the windshield washer - the water came down inside the coach and ran down the back of the TV - due to the fact that the feeder-hoses had not been connected.

So, I tried to get the items fixed.... wow, was I in for a surprise!

My wife and I live South of Denver in Colorado.... we contacted the authorized service center closest to us.... they said it was a 4 week wait for service... so I booked the coach in... during the wait period they called me and said their bays were not big enough for a 45 ft !   I then spent 3 looking for alternative service centers... after communications with American Coach we were left with Lazydays in Loveland, CO....

They quoted SIX weeks before they could book it in - no choice, right - so book it in I did.  I gave the rep on the phone a list of the work required, she told me it would take three weeks to do the work.... three weeks!   But, no choice, right? 

When the appointed day arrived, i delivered the coach to Lazydays and went through the list of work with the service rep that booked in the coach.  I confirmed I would pick it up in 3 weeks - all was set, all was agreed, all was good..... not!

After three weeks I contacted Lazydays to find out they had not, in their words, "completed as much of the work as they would have liked"..... Actually - to be accurate - they had completed exactly NONE of the work!  Not one item - Nothing!

They invited me to take the coach, and book it back in when the parts arrived from American Coach.... They could not, or would not, give me a date when that might be.

I explained that with a loose windshield and no ability to clean the windshield while driving, I didn't think the coach was roadworthy - they agreed but followed up with "nothing we can do, the manufacturer hasn't approved the warranty work and we don't have the parts!"

So, a little frustrated with American Coach for being so unresponsive - I called A/C customer service..... Lazydays had not even contacted the manufacturer!

The rep from A/C said she would call Lazydays to see if she could help... she did, they said they could get the windshield and washer fixed.... but it would take another week, seriously?

So, the point of this post?

Is this normal for this industry?

Do you/we really put up with being lied to and intentionally mislead?

Dont the manufacturers realize that their authorized repair centers reflect badly on them?           If I were asked by a friend if they should buy a motorhome, I would say "NO - not unless you want to be frustrated, lied to and wonder why you paid so much money for a vehicle you cant enjoy due to the appalling service provided!"


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Sad to say but yes this is the norm. This is why so many of us do our own repairs. You might ask AC if you can contact one of the National glass companies to repair the windshied. That is probably exacctly what lazy Days will do.  As for other issues plan a trip to Indiana and remember the squeaky wheel gets greased..

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It is sad unfortunately when you pay over 100k and up to or over 500k for a motorhome. Yes things will come loose, rattle, squeak and possibly break. It's expected when your bouncing and hitting pot holes in the roadways. But when it leaves the factory with items that are not connected, plugged in, or just not working boils down to lack of attention to detail. After the motorhomes are built it should have a final inspection by person or persons to make sure that everything works as it should. But it is either not getting done or written off as done due to the high volumes of motorhomes being built. I also bought a brand new 600 miles on it motorhome. Thinking buying new everything should work as it should being new!! Well after a quick PDI I noticed stripped out screws here and there through out the motorhome. Being on a tight schedule I wasn't going to have my new motorhome sit at the dealership for weeks just for that. So I got it home, I figured OK I'll take out the stripped screws and replace them with new ones. As I was going through the motorhome replacing screws I noticed trim work that was coming off. OK pulled it off, re-glued and tacked back into place. As I continued going through the motorhome I found screws, pieces of wire, and sawdust left in and under cabinets. I think these companies just want to build them and push them out the door onto the lots to sell and make their money. But when you have to bring it back to the dealer for repairs and it sits there for weeks and you are making payments on your NEW motorhome it's very frustrating. Especially when it's repairs on things that were not done in the assembly process......




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Welcome to the world of RVing. We bought from Lazydays in Florida and will not take the coach to them for service because of many stories like yours. We plan an annual visit to the factory in Indiana because we know this is the most reliable place to get things fixed. This annual factory repair visit has to be booked at least 6 months in advance to get an appointment.

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Good luck Rodstein. Your trip to Indiana could yield the same results We took our coach to the Decatur, Indiana factory repair center last year. Arrived and found the place was absolutely slammed with coaches, mostly new within the preceeding year. Talked to several people who were awaiting repair. Most had been waiting for over a week. One of them for 1 month. He had a coach he bought new 2 months before  bringing it in for warranty repair. Why the  long wait? They couldn't get a part. This while the same models were being built a the factory 1/2 mile away. Welcome to RVing. We were fortunate that our coach was 10 years old and only needed mostly routine maintenance.

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Although Lazy Days writ large, gets hammered in social media for their service (or lack thereof) department, I have had decent luck (so far) with them here in Tampa for all the necessary warranty work on our 17 Winnebago Journey (Winnebago's QC would be a different subject, which I would definitely vent). Also, had to have the thing in twice for body work (thank you DW!) and the results were more than satisfactory). Of course it is in the shop AGAIN for work that "should" be covered under original warranty (happened three days before it expired) for slide that would not work and steps that would not retract. Will let you know the results! 

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There is a lot of poor service out ,no matter if it's coaches ,new vehicles. Lucky enough for us our 2013  Newmar Ventana seems to be a very well built coach .Did have problem with our osasis heater on the way south this winter ,had it fixed at Desert Auto Plex in Mesa, they diagnosed the problem and ordered parts took a couple days during which time we still used the coach just took it back when parts came in , very good service 

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