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  1. Sad to say but yes this is the norm. This is why so many of us do our own repairs. You might ask AC if you can contact one of the National glass companies to repair the windshied. That is probably exacctly what lazy Days will do. As for other issues plan a trip to Indiana and remember the squeaky wheel gets greased..
  2. Valve breakage is a very common problem on the C7 and its forerunner the 3126B. However the mileage is usually in excess of 200,000. I have know several that have had the same problem. Almost always the very last valve on the number 6 cylinder. Glad you had warranty because CAT won't help.
  3. Bob Unfortunately Beaver was not known for using quality radiators. Take it to a radiator shop and have it flow tested. If it does not flow good you could possibly use a radiator flush in it and get it cleaned out inside. If that does not work then a new radiator may be necessary. There is a company in Alabama that builds replacements 100% aluminum, no plastic tanks. They cool great. Yes unfortunately I have first hand knowledge. The recommendation to clean is always good. I take a pressure washer to mine every couple of months.
  4. roadrunner what brand oil are you using? I know this may sound weird but I had a 3126 that consumed what I thought was excessive oil, I was using Rotella. Spoke to a CAT service rep and he suggested I switch to Delvac. I did and the problem went away. Sold the rig with 250,000 on it and it was still using very little to no oil between changes. Doesn't make sense but it worked for me. I know have a C9 with 77,000 and use very little oil between changes.
  5. I have been very busy and have not had a chance to get back here. tarheels293, did you get your C 9 regen issues fixed?
  6. Yes it will cost some $$$ to fix but yiu will spend a lot less in the long run not to mention the piece of mind.
  7. tarheels293 I can promise you that CAT has no clue how to fix the problem. I was at Ring Power in Lake City Fl. The tech that was working on mine was supposed to be the best in the country. CAT called him with problems. All he did was spend my money and not fix anything. The actuator is a problem with that turbo because of the heat generated by the regeneration process. Do away with that and the turbo issue goes away.
  8. jleamont My fuel mileage increased 1 to 1.5 mpg. That to me is not that important. I work all over the country and when I need to get to a job I don't have the time to be broken down. My previous rig had 250,000 mile when I sold it with very few issues. And yes it was a CAT pre all this emissions crap. As for what I did just understand it is FIXED! My wife was very upset with the purchase because of the issues, she now loves the MH and is always coming up with things she want me to change. I have torn out all the carpet and replaced with hardwood and vinyl plank. Yes that includes the carpet on the flush slide out. Figured out a way to cover the gap. So the moral is if she is happy everybody is happy.
  9. The sad thing is the C9 is a great engine it just has really dumb emission controls on it. CAT was never able to get it right which is why they pulled out of on road engines in this country. Hopefully one day they will get it together and come back. I have always been a CAT fan and have had great luck with others in the past.
  10. Sorry I forgot to check back. Email direct bruncon@gmail.com. To answer the fuel question 1 to 1.5 mpg. But more important the rig pulls hills lake they are flat. We pull a 24' trailer with jeep, motorcycle, tools etc and still no issues. It has been almost 2 years since I had mine repaired and have had no issues.
  11. I own a 2009 Safari Cheetah with a CAT C-9. With 32,000 miles I started having similar issues. After several trips to Ring Power in Sarasota and Lake City, FL and several thousand dollars I came to the conclusion that they can not fix it. Every time I took it in there was something different wrong and everything they did worked for awhile. You may be OK for now but it won't last. There are several large trucking companies that have a class action suit going against CAT. Mine is now repaired and running great, more power and better fuel mileage. If you want to contact me directly I will be happy to discuss this with you and what I did to fix mine. I haven't had a regen light in 2 years. Let me know and I will tell you how to contact me directly. '
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