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  1. i too have had poor support from Cornerstone. Terrible company in my opinion.
  2. Progressive notified me if rate increase of 15% AGAIN here in FL. Reason given "hurricanes". Gave same reason 3yrs ago when I dumped them for a different company. Went back to them last year when other company raised rate for no reason. Dumping Progressive for another company this year and saving over $700. Bottom line : "Shop around".
  3. Amen, mine went up 23% this year due to "last year's hurricane losses and increase in uninsured [illegal alien] motorists" here in Florida according to Progressive CSR.
  4. I have a hydralift for the 03 Ultra. Had an incident where the installer put the front chock too far forward and when driving on the crappy I4 section through Orlando, the bike came out of the chock and fell over about 60 degrees or so although there were six tie downs on it. Bent the front forward tie down and the front portion of the aluminum ramp. Although Hydralift would not work with me on discounted replacement parts (they stated it was installed incorrectly by the selling dealer) of $300, replace those parts, moved the chock forward and have had no issues since. I now "lash" the front tire to the chock, rear tire "lashed" downward onto the ramp in addition to the normal tie down points. The bike will NOT move an inch now! All that said, the intent is to replace the Ultra w/a trike w/in two years and tow the Ram 4X4 w/trike in the back of it (see Load All ramps) and repurpose the Hydralift to carry a kangacart (400lbs). Note that the Hydralift w/platform will cut down a bit on your turning radius, so my intent is to get an extension for the tow bar in order to provide more clearance for the truck hood/front end. Pic show tweaked front tie down bar after bike fell over.
  5. Although Lazy Days writ large, gets hammered in social media for their service (or lack thereof) department, I have had decent luck (so far) with them here in Tampa for all the necessary warranty work on our 17 Winnebago Journey (Winnebago's QC would be a different subject, which I would definitely vent). Also, had to have the thing in twice for body work (thank you DW!) and the results were more than satisfactory). Of course it is in the shop AGAIN for work that "should" be covered under original warranty (happened three days before it expired) for slide that would not work and steps that would not retract. Will let you know the results!
  6. Consider CB Smith Park in Pembroke Pines (Broward County). Approx $40 per night.
  7. Note that my original question was submitted without editorial comment...Just asking if anyone saw it. :-)
  8. Thanks Wolf10. I am a bit slow on reading/reviewing as I am still working full time. :-(
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/16/marcus-lemonis-if-youre-ok-with-what-trump-said-dont-shop-at-my-business.html I wonder if that includes his Gander Mountain acquisition?
  10. Progressive raised my rate (in FL) 21% but could not explain why. Only comment was all rates were raised due to the increased number of claims. I did not have one by the way, nor any tickets. Strange.
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