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  1. DBenoit, We will take you up on tilting of the wine bottle as we enjoy it too!! We will be in Hampton in June and again in August and at Salisbury Beach State park also. Currently we are in not so warm South Carolina but heading to hopefully warmer Cocoa Beach Florida next week!! We'll be back in NH in May hopefully it will be warmer by then!!
  2. We have stayed at Hampton Beach in the campground. It is worth the $50 a night!! You have awesome views and minutes away from the beach and boardwalks. Not to mention you are minutes away from Salisbury Beach and Rye Beach also. An if you drive north on Route 1 from Hampton you can go to York Beach too!! I don't know of any campground or State parks on or near the beach and ocean that is going to be cheap dry camping or full hook ups. I agree with DBenoit it's about the joys of being out and enjoying the RV lifestyle.We all know no matter what hobbies we enjoy in life such as RV ing or boating or owning an airplane it costs money. I know we all look for the best value for our money but we all know that it costs money to enjoy ourselves too. Like DBenoit said even if it was $100 for a mud puddle or $30 for a patch of dirt it's the joys of RV ing. We like many of you invested money in our RV lifestyle and we did it not to camp out in our backyard or Wal-Mart parking lots. We did it to travel and see different parts of this beautiful country of ours!! It is all about choice some of us will pay the $100 for a mud puddle some won't at the end of the day it's all about having fun and enjoying the RV ing lifestyle!!
  3. It is sad unfortunately when you pay over 100k and up to or over 500k for a motorhome. Yes things will come loose, rattle, squeak and possibly break. It's expected when your bouncing and hitting pot holes in the roadways. But when it leaves the factory with items that are not connected, plugged in, or just not working boils down to lack of attention to detail. After the motorhomes are built it should have a final inspection by person or persons to make sure that everything works as it should. But it is either not getting done or written off as done due to the high volumes of motorhomes being built. I also bought a brand new 600 miles on it motorhome. Thinking buying new everything should work as it should being new!! Well after a quick PDI I noticed stripped out screws here and there through out the motorhome. Being on a tight schedule I wasn't going to have my new motorhome sit at the dealership for weeks just for that. So I got it home, I figured OK I'll take out the stripped screws and replace them with new ones. As I was going through the motorhome replacing screws I noticed trim work that was coming off. OK pulled it off, re-glued and tacked back into place. As I continued going through the motorhome I found screws, pieces of wire, and sawdust left in and under cabinets. I think these companies just want to build them and push them out the door onto the lots to sell and make their money. But when you have to bring it back to the dealer for repairs and it sits there for weeks and you are making payments on your NEW motorhome it's very frustrating. Especially when it's repairs on things that were not done in the assembly process......
  4. My wife and I will be traveling this fall and will need Wifi for work. What is the best system to have in our coach? And who provides the services? Thank you in advance for any input.
  5. Hello all, I have a 2016 Tiffin Allegro 36' gasser with a Whirlpool residential fridge and have a question about the auto defrost function. The fridge is set at 38 degrees and freezer at 0 per fridge recommendations how I noticed the temp in the fridge today was 60 degrees freezer at 5 above is those temps normal for when its doing auto defrost? It has been at the set temps but when I opened the door today noticed a high temp alarm going off. The manual that came with the fridge was a little vague on this issue. Any suggestions?? Thank You.
  6. Thank you all, We did join FMCA when we purchased our coach. We went to one of the rallies last summer and had a really good time. My wife and I have been camping for many years started out with a pop up and a few travel trailers as many of you probably have before moving up to a Class A. I have been reading a lot of good posts on FMCA. I do notice there are a few characters that do post quite often. I enjoy a good ribbing also look forward to it actually. I just felt that my simple post on irv2 turned into a Class A war on who's coach is better. My wife and I just want to enjoy ourselves and our coach and travel meet other people. I am sure I will encounter some problems here and there and look forward to any help all of you can give me. By the looks of it many of you have been living this lifestyle for quite a few years. I do have some mechanical background so it does help with owning a motorhome I'm sure. I know it is a house bouncing down the road and it will need some work and up keep as all mechanical things do. I'm just glad from what I've been reading here that I have a place to come for some good advice and possible solutions to any problems I may encounter. Thank you all in advance
  7. I was also on irv2. My wife and I recently purchased a new 2016 Tiffin Allegro 34PA. Being new to the Class A world I was all excited when I heard about that site. So I read some of the postings and registered. One night I was on a site posted a comment on how we bought our first Class A and how happy we are with our new purchase. Well I received a lot of welcoming posts from a lot of nice people. I showed my wife all the positive comments people were leaving. Some asked questions on how we liked our new coach. I answered how we really enjoyed it and how happy we were with the choice we made. We spent 3 years looking at all makes models sizes etc..and how we decided on the Tiffin Allegro. And then the negative posts started on how we should've went diesel vs gas and gone with the new 6 speed transmission vs the 5 speed and how the V-10's have some issues and how the Ford chassis rides and handles. So needless to say I am no longer on that site. Yes I understand you will have some people with their opinions and personal experiences but it seems to have turned into a Ford vs Chevy type postings. That is not what I was looking for I was just entering my information on their Class A site that's all. So that was my first and final post on irv2. I want to make friends not start a Class A war.
  8. My wife and I recently purchased a 2016 Tiffin Allegro 34PA 36' motorhome. We are very excited and can not wait to start our RV lifestyle. We really enjoy hearing about other peoples stories and adventures. When we heard about FMCA we went to one of their rallies last summer and had a really great time!! The rally really helped us narrow down our choices in choosing our motorhome. We even had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Bob Tiffin. When we left the rally we knew exactly which make and model Class A we were going to purchase. We also knew that when we did purchase our Class A that we wanted to join FMCA because we really enjoyed ourselves at the rally. We are both in our early 40's and have been camping most our lives starting out with a pop and a couple travel trailers. We look forward to meeting people and going to many more rallies!!
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