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  1. Excuse me, my box is exactly 15'5" from flange edge to flange edge. Would the 15.5 work for mine or should I be looking for a 16' model.
  2. I have just bought Shade Pro RV Vinyl Awning Replacement Fabric. Overall, it’s a really good choice for an awning fabric replacement in your RV. It’s ideal for covering cracks and tears while demonstrating a reliable resistance to fading. Perhaps the only problem I experienced so far is the presence of smudges on its paint in certain areas. However, they’re not really a major issue.
  3. For those that use the optional line in hookup, do I need to keep faucet on through the wash cycle? Or can I take it off after it fills tank?
  4. We bought this compact BBQ to be used by a long distance truck driver, it works perfectly and fits nicely under the bunk. The drip tray is easy to remove and clean, the grills are also easy to clean. Cooking is even and quick... love this so much we want one for home to replace our larger old Bbq. This is Weber BBQ
  5. This Fairview RV Camper LP 2 Stage Automatic Propane Regulator did the job. I replaced a single, 20 pound tank, with dual 30 pound tanks. I can safely camp for a week, without any worry of running out of LP. The kit does not include mounting hardware, so you will need to come up with a way to mount the regulator to your tank setup. I used zip ties and tied it to my tank support. Includes everything shown in the listing.
  6. We bought this Irvine Shade and Door RV Camper Pleated Blind Shades to replace a broken shade in our camper. It looked in the package as a slightly different color at the top but is not. You cannot tell the difference in this one and the original for our camper! We are very satisfied and at the price very pleased! We were told at a camper store the replacement would be over $85 and so when we found the similar one a lot cheaper we bought it. Great quality as well!
  7. I have found the right window for my rv here. I think you'll find what you need here as well: https://www.rvweb.net/best-rv-windows-reviewed/
  8. We have a 2000 31' Sunnybrook 5th wheel. Which steps work on a rig that old? Also, do the steps fold up and swing up inside the door opening?
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