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  1. I have a 2g-2v 75 ohm cable that the previous owners attached using aluminum foil. Of course I tired to check it out and now this is what I have. Ideas in repair are needed! I have heard the aluminum was there to complete an outer circuit but I don’t know.
  2. Driving down the road. I had a blowout on the inside rear passenger side. I’m driving a 2000 Newmar mountain aire. It tore up the protective material and insulation and also some other type of material that’s between the protective and insulation materials. Do you have any idea about repairing this and where I might find the material. Thanks so much.
  3. Thanks I got a new control board and added a small fan to move some air. Seems to do well now. We’ll see!
  4. After 22 years of great service in our RV our refrigerator will need to be replaced soon. Looking for ideas about the best refrigerator replacement. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  5. Thanks all. The series is informative and I will check the manual too.
  6. I have a 2000 mtn aire with no power to night lights and alarm. I found the fuse in the electric bay which was 1 amp. Would replacing the burned out bulbs (ordered) and adding a 3 amp fuse help? Thinking maybe they all need to work in order for it to power up? I’m lost as to what to do next.
  7. Thanks all for your help! I did get it winterized - they jumped me - took it home. Now will return it and continue to wait and wait and wait for parts.
  8. Hi, I've been waiting on parts at Freightliner for almost 3 months. It is parked in their lot, batteries are dead. Temperatures are slowly dropping, next week the low will be 28, 30, 34 at night and up in the high 40s in the day. I drained my water tank but I'm fearful of freezing something. I've heard that you can put a small propane heater in the "cabinet" to help warm things up. Any ideas about that or other ways to either winterize on a Frightener lot or keep that cabinet sorta warm? Thanks. 2000 Mountain Aire Lee
  9. kaypsmith, I sure hope so. Sundancev, being a rookie, these valves are like a mystery - where, when, why. ; )
  10. Getting ready for a trip I was filling my water tank from the house and all of a sudden water started pouring from the slide awning/roof. I have a "restricter" for psi on the house faucet. I'm puzzled as to where that would be coming from and why. It has never done it before. I felt in the cabinets for water, but I don't really believe there are hoses up there. Literally, from the awning??? Ideas. It's like some pressure someplace is pushing the water somewhere but not inside, outside the unit. Which I guess is a blessing in disguise. I have a 2000 Newmar, Mountain Aire.
  11. Thanks Rayin. I am wondering if there is a power disconnect somewhere along the line. The mechanic I mentioned at the top had put a switch that bypassed the board. I just don't know where that power starts at to get to the steps to see it is came loose or what. They were working just a few days ago and then pppphhh. No more. No rain, no movement, all I did was reinstall the relay of the flashers.
  12. I got the slides to work, lol, needed to push the battery connect button. My excuse? newbie and very bad head cold. Still no luck on the Kwikee steps. any help here would be deeply appreciated in the foggy state that I am in. ; )
  13. I'm in Moscow Mills, MO. I have a Spartan chassis, Newmar. The DC voltage is 13.8-14.
  14. I've have had issues with my slides and steps as well as flashers and turn signals. How it all started it seems was when I broke down in Effingham, IL. It wouldn't start and a got a new starter. Whatever caused the starter to go out burnt out a place on the board in front of the steering wheel. The mechanic then put a switch to operate the slides and steps separate from the board. They did work. But I didn't like that thinking this could cause issues with hooking up to a 50 amp source because this board could be very important. I don't know. So I bought a new board from Newmar, and the mechanic installed it. As a result the turn signals didn't work but the slide and steps did. I didn't realize that till I was driving away to St. Louis. So, got home. Found the flasher unit was laying down in the front cabinet in the engine area. Put is back in and the flashes and turn signals work. The slide and steps stopped working. I don't know what to do. I don't even know if I need something from Spartan, Newmar or ???? Thanks.
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