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  1. Don, Thanks. http://pbritz@fmca.com is neither a proper web address or email address! 😁😁 But I am trying pbritz@fmca.com Joe
  2. Where can I find out about GEAR rallies and other info about GEAR
  3. Found out how. I didnt have a feature turned on and it didn't show that info
  4. I'm new to this forum so I dont know the ins and outs. You said under "Carl C". I cant find that. Where do I look?
  5. HA!!!!! You fooled me. But you are still traveling, right?
  6. Ha! you have me beat on both fronts. My coach is 6 years older and I'm older than dirt and in no way skinny🤢
  7. Yea! Thats were it is. Here it is. Im happy to add the product is still being made under a new name. HDC is the parent company. Go to 1.poplocks.com
  8. On my 2004 American Tradition 40V. Cant seem to remove this cover to get to monitor. It seems both parts of dash plastic cover (beige and black) are not separable but the beige part is bolted to the main dash panel whic is blocked by the monitor. The front metal cover could possibility be removed by disconnecting all of the electrical plugs that would still leave two airlines which I have no idea how to disconnect . Not to mention what the air sources are which would have to be releived of pressure first. Anyone been here before to share some wisdom?
  9. You kind of lost me at R & L 😆 I did look in the first bay behind the passenger door and nothing there
  10. I have a 2004 American Tradition. I only have 1 remote transmitter. I want another! Either I will buy another transmitter fob and program it or I will install a new system. Does anyone know where the receiver for this system is located?
  11. Well today it all worked perfectly! Yesterday I had some glitch somewhere. Time to see if I can get Fleetwood to send me some wiring diagrams. Thanks all for your input and help. Much appreciated.
  12. Thats about it. Just at some point the previous owner went with 3 and 3 all AGM type. At least in all of my checking out all that I could I learned a lot! even found the terminals loose on one of the engine cranking batteries. It did crank faster this morning 😁.
  13. That is correct bur yesterday on our trip that was not happening.
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