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  1. Don, Thanks. http://pbritz@fmca.com is neither a proper web address or email address! 😁😁 But I am trying pbritz@fmca.com Joe
  2. Where can I find out about GEAR rallies and other info about GEAR
  3. Found out how. I didnt have a feature turned on and it didn't show that info
  4. I'm new to this forum so I dont know the ins and outs. You said under "Carl C". I cant find that. Where do I look?
  5. HA!!!!! You fooled me. But you are still traveling, right?
  6. Ha! you have me beat on both fronts. My coach is 6 years older and I'm older than dirt and in no way skinny🤢
  7. Yea! Thats were it is. Here it is. Im happy to add the product is still being made under a new name. HDC is the parent company. Go to 1.poplocks.com
  8. On my 2004 American Tradition 40V. Cant seem to remove this cover to get to monitor. It seems both parts of dash plastic cover (beige and black) are not separable but the beige part is bolted to the main dash panel whic is blocked by the monitor. The front metal cover could possibility be removed by disconnecting all of the electrical plugs that would still leave two airlines which I have no idea how to disconnect . Not to mention what the air sources are which would have to be releived of pressure first. Anyone been here before to share some wisdom?
  9. You kind of lost me at R & L 😆 I did look in the first bay behind the passenger door and nothing there
  10. I have a 2004 American Tradition. I only have 1 remote transmitter. I want another! Either I will buy another transmitter fob and program it or I will install a new system. Does anyone know where the receiver for this system is located?
  11. Well today it all worked perfectly! Yesterday I had some glitch somewhere. Time to see if I can get Fleetwood to send me some wiring diagrams. Thanks all for your input and help. Much appreciated.
  12. Thats about it. Just at some point the previous owner went with 3 and 3 all AGM type. At least in all of my checking out all that I could I learned a lot! even found the terminals loose on one of the engine cranking batteries. It did crank faster this morning 😁.
  13. That is correct bur yesterday on our trip that was not happening.
  14. Thanks Rich, The answerer to both is yes.
  15. Thanks Manholt, this rig predates a Bird and circuit breakers. It has 3 type 31 batteries for both starting (big diesel) and coach and a very large contactor and some electronics to control it. Same principal just much bigger.
  16. I have a 2004 American Tradition 40V. This unit has a 2800 Watt inverter that runs all outlets, even the microwave off the coach battery in absence of shore or generator power This morning I woke up and found the inverter running everything. During the night the Converter breaker had tripped so the inverter took over and ran all loads (except AC and frigerator). Batteries discharged to about 50 %. Reset converter 120V breaker and things went back to normal, batteries were recharging etc. On the road to next destination. Along the way I noticed inverter was running down the coach batteries again. I then realized the engine alternator circuit was not connecting to the coach circuit to charge the coach batteries. Any ideas on where to start trouble shooting this problem?. I'm on my first trip with this coach and for 3 weeks, until today the chassis and coach 12VDC systems systems were joined together .
  17. I knew I had run across that somewhere! Thanks for the info! As for a "cookie cutter" motor home I beg yur pardon partner, I sold my cookie cutter, and now Im in the cupcake catagory with my American Tradition 😁😁. As for driving 80 in Texas, as a Texan one thing I know for sure. If I was driving 80 I would be passed by some Texas millionaire driving his Prevost towing his cadiliac with his longhorn hood ornaments. 🤠
  18. Wish I could. There are so many different information sites at Michelin that I seem to have different results every time I go there. If I do find it again I'll definately post it. Thanks for your input. So far Ive found no other reference than 75MPH myself and I dont plan on driving faster than that anyway. Great Tire guide by the way. Thanks
  19. navyjoe

    coolant change

    I could find no way to register here without dealer support and a company name
  20. About 98800. Many say they have far more miles than that, but the bottom line is brakes are always one of the items that are excluded from a warranty except for "manufacturing defects". As the old disclaimer goes "your mileage may vary". The original owner claims he faithfully had maintenance work done on his coach and no one ever said he needed brakes. His last "M3" service was done a year ago and a lot of work was done but no mention of brakes. It was not done at an authorized Freighliner center however. that could make a difference I suspect.
  21. Rotors were shot. New ones are in and installed. Just waiting for the pads now. Everyone says that, but it has happened to me. Who would have guessed it would be in the shop for 3 weeks waiting on tires and brake parts!
  22. Herman, I dont know if my bay is large enough. Also dont know ab out the weight. these 22.5 tires weigh over 100#. Im new to this type of MH and its been in the shop so long trying to get the maintenance done Ive only had 3 days to play with it since I bought it!😭
  23. I know one thing. After this is all over I'm going to try and get a spare set of pads in case something goes wrong in the future. I wish there was a way to carry a spare tire since they too are almost non-existent.
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