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  1. I've decided to purchase a new pump assemble and after i get it installed i will disassemble the old one and see what happened to it. I will let you all now what i find.
  2. Maybe if i could get the motor loaded correctly, numbers may be higher, but with a defective hyd pump, there is no way to determine if the motor is good or bad. I have been in the automotive field for around 60 years and this is an approved method of checking for voltage on any circuit. Although there may be other ways of checking circuits, this is the way i was taught by Chry. Corp., Ford and GM. sorry for the confusion.
  3. When checking voltage drops, you check what the voltage is before starting the electric circuit and then see what the voltage is when running the circuit. Started with 12.8v and ended with 12.6v. A voltage drop of .3v on the positive side and a .5v drop on the negative side are normal drops tested in this manner. Any higher numbers constitute a defective circuit (too much resistance).
  4. The voltage drop across the pump motor is at .2volts. I think its so low because the pump is defective, so the motor is not working hard enough. Looks like i'm back to buying a new pump.
  5. just checked the voltage at start up solenoid and the voltage only dropped 2 tenths.
  6. Yup. I have been dealing with this for about 2 years. I did find a bad ground and repaired it but that did not correct the problem.
  7. I have cycled them seperately quit a few times and i have checked for air in the the system. None found
  8. Thank you.For your info, the rear jacks can be operated one at a time or together,the front operate together
  9. I have tried to shorten the travel of the jacks with blocks of wood and had the same results. As soon as the jack pads touch down, front or rear, they are done lifting. The pump does not sound like it is laboring.
  10. the pressure gauge was connected to the larger plug
  11. Yes. I can feel the jacks touch down but will not lift/move the coach to level it. I will try and send a pic of where the gauge was attached.
  12. No, that is the first thing i checked. Also i have to help the rear jacks up all the way. The front jacks do not need help. I have no leaks that are external.
  13. It is a Power Gear system, with 4 jacks and is a manuel system
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