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  1. Most of the time a backfire in the intake manifold/carb. is usually a lean condition or the ignition module and stator are shutting off and back on due to heat transfer thru the distributor. Running out of power while under load (climbing) sounds like you do not have enough fuel flow to the carb., in other words the fuel pump cannot supply enough fuel to the carb to keep the float bowl full. Those two areas should be your primary concerns. If your mechanic can't check that correctly, I would be looking for another shop. Just my opinion. I have been in the automotive, marine, RV and race engine business for over 50 years. You can PM me here and i will talk you thru this issue.
  2. Just a few questions. Did you have the fuel pressure checked. When you say internal fuel pump was replaced, do you mean there is a pump in the tank or are you taking about the accelerator pump in the carb. If the carb was sitting for a long time and not ran the accel. pump will dry out and cause hesitations. if the accel. pump is not suppling enough fuel into the venturies, it will backfire back thru the carb. Does it backfire in the exhaust? If I am not mistaken it has an ignition module and pick up coil (stator) in the distributor that can cause this issue if backfire is in the carb. Did your mechanic check to see how many degrees of slop is in the timing chain? Just a a few things to know before trying to help diagnose your problem. If the fuel pump is in the tank you would probably are talking about the throttle body. It kind of looks like a carb., but has two fuel injectors on top. you can PM me and ill give you my phone number and i can walk you thru what you need to check.
  3. I had to relog in to get everything to work again
  4. f442485


    Praying that all goes well, Herman
  5. Because it's a CAT, you would be doing yourself a favor and have an expert/professional do the diagnostics
  6. I have installed a few Diablo's on a few customers rigs. My suggestion is don't waste your money. Your hp and torque gain is minimal at best. If you do decide to try a programmer, DON'T put it on the performance setting unless you have deep pockets. Make sure you install a EGT gauge before you do anything. Just my opinion.
  7. You need to replace the valves with new valves for health issues
  8. dickandlois, i was going to say that
  9. I agree with akadeadeye and docj. national needs to listen to the membership and climb out of the snafu box.
  10. Sure. It's worth a try. Interesting idea
  11. It was done with the block (cylinder head deck). it only raised to compression but it also raised the torque significantly.
  12. The 440P engine used different rods to handle the compression increase. Be careful when adding stuff to increase performance.
  13. Yes. I have a set on my 04 Holiday rambler 38'. I had my coach weighed and run 98 pounds in the front and 90 pounds in the rear. Have had them for 2 years and have had no problems. Hercules does not build a rv tire in that size. Mine are OTR and no abnormal tire wear. They are very quite and the wander i had with the Hancooks is gone.
  14. We are planning for that rally now. Looks me up if you can make it. Would be nice to put a face with a name.
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