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  1. They will have day passes at the gate that will get you all of the events except the evening entertainment. It's a fun time for all who attend!!!!!
  2. Welcome to the forum and welcome to FMCA. Have you given any though to joining us at the Western Area Rally in January at the fairgrounds in Indio. Its not to far from San Diego. This years theme is "At The Hop". Its always fun. Hope to see you there. Have safe travels
  3. I have two GFCI outlets, one in the bathroom and one outside in the entertainment center. If you have an outside radio, you might want to check there
  4. The Union Pacific main line goes right behind my home in Colton, Ca. I got to see it three times under power. Once coming into to the the Colton yard, then from Colton to Barstow, Ca. yard and back to Colton. That thing is HUGE. It is articulated on the front set of trucks so it can make tight turns. We could feel the ground vibrate as it rolled by. What an awesome sight.
  5. katpsmiyh, they were closed, so i could not call. I'll call tomorrow and ask more questions, post more info.
  6. Just read an article about a tire enhancement product called Rettroband. Looks like a very good idea. Is there anyone out there that has had them installed on their coach and God forbid has anyone had a blowout while using them. There is a video on there web site, where they rigged a divice on the left front tire to cause a blowout. It looked like it worked rather well. Just looking for some more info. The web page is www.rettroband.com and the ad is on page 75 in the September issue of Family RVing.
  7. I had the same issue. it was a dirty/loose connection at the start capacitor.
  8. If you are asking me about Triangle tires, no i have not heard of them. My tire guy has, but he said that no one in Southern California stocks them.
  9. Hercules Strong Guard, sorry,i did not read your whole post.
  10. My Hercules are 275/70R-22.5
  11. I had Hancook tires when we bought the coach, but they timed out. We replaced the tires with Hercules tires and the ride and noise remained about the same. the only difference that i noticed was the wandering almost went away.
  12. We basically had the same issue. It turned out to be a defective pressure sensor. The sensor is located in the air line at the park brake valve. it was very easy to replace. Mine was a three wire sensor and I understand there is a two wire sensor that was also used. Hope this helps.
  13. The wiring diagram is what Holiday Rambler/Monaco have in their Manual. Hope this helps
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