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  1. My wife and I have had AT&T for many many years and have had no issues. Not sure what the problem is with downloading issues with some people. It is what it is. If you’re not happy with your phone/Wi-Fi, change provider
  2. I personally would go south first. There are quite a few national parks and monuments south of I70, Rocky Mountain in Colorado, there are two more in Texas. Petrified Forest and Painted Desert, Grand Canyon in Arizona. Joshua National in Southern California (I10), Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite all on US Hwy99. There are numerous coastal parks in Northern California, Oregon and Washington. Don’t forget Glacier and Mt. Rushmore. Weather will be much better up north in the late spring and summer.
  3. f442485


    I’ll be there
  4. I had the same issue with my jacks. I found grease fittings at the lower portion of each jack assembly. I cleaned the rams with silicone spray, wipe off excess and greased all the fittings (4 in all) and the issue was fixed. Hope this helps.
  5. Herman, you had mentioned a water pump that you installed on your m/h. you said it was set at 50psi. I am having a difficult time finding a part #. Do you remember the part # of the one you bought. Thanks
  6. Be ready for HIGH winds that time of year. Especially on the 10 and 8, thru Arizona and California
  7. Usually a flashing check engine light means you need to stop. You need to contact a repair facility that can diagnose your vehicle. If you continue to drive it when the light is flashing you can cause serious damage to the engine or transmission. Oriellys and Auto Zone are only going to give you a code number. They are not qualified to diagnose your issue.
  8. First thing to have checked would be the alignment. Steering components could cause this issue. The other could be a defective shock absorber. Does not look like a defective tire issue. Where a you located. That would help locating a shop close by. I would NOT put to many miles on that tire until you get the issue and tire replaced
  9. I have worked on many positive vehicles. Most of them were GM and/or Ford. those can be very confusing to anyone that has not seen them before. My neighbor thought someone wired the battery (6 volt) backwards. that cost him a bundle.
  10. If you have a FCC switch, make sure it's in the on position. some coach's run the running lights thru that switch (witch is controlled by a relay). Just a thought.
  11. We will be at Gillette This year. Hope to meet some of you there.
  12. f442485

    coolant change

    I own a 2004 Holiday Rambler, 38foot with a 330ISC Cummins engine. looking for info on flushing engine coolant or maybe a video link that shows how to and tips. I've been told that this engine does and does not have a coolant filter. Thank you in advance
  13. If Is bone stock, just put the transfer case in neutral, make sure the front hubs are unlocked. it would really help if we new if the truck was listed and has big tires. It does make a difference on how it handles while being towed. BTW what kind of transfer case do you have. Some of the older ones had an oil pump in them, if that is the case it can not be flat towed.
  14. The ground signal maybe coming from (going thru) a relay. It also maybe a shared circuit relay. I would be looking for the relay that operates the jacks to see if it is defective. Just a thought
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