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  1. Yep, got mine today. Although I'm happy they're taking steps to - hopefully - get back to what was considered normal operating speeds and availability, the threat of service termination was worrying - what about people who didn't see the email? Mis type one of those long number strings? Seems they should already have the records of what they sent us, the IMEI and SIM card numbers, and what devices were sent with our memberships. Hopefully this isn't an April 1st prank.
  2. No, from the website the device is included in the 750 (The M2000). Lower membership levels include different devices. Maybe the difference from year one to two is the device.
  3. Has anyone else experienced this? I was dependably getting 35 to 120 MPS. Got the Alcatel about a week and a half ago with a new SIM, figured I'd swap the Sprint SIM for the Tmobile SIM and I put that in the M2000. That worked great until today. No internet access. Put it back in the Alcatel and had access. But, the speed drop is to the point it's almost unusable with max 3 mbps (heck, the upload is higher). To be clear, this morning I clocked 65mbps with no performance problems with the M2000 at one to two bars of service. After being forced to use the Alcatel I'm at 3mbps or less (Mainly less) with it showing full bars. Have rebooted the device multiple times. Anyone else have this? Other than changing the name and password it's at the default settings.
  4. Just got an email from the mother ship to confirm my shipping address so they can send me out a TMobile SIM card rather than the Sprint one I'm using now. Anyone have this, and if so did you notice a drop in speeds/performance/capacity when you changed?
  5. I don't know if this helps, but I currently have used over 750G for this billing period and I have seen no evidence of throttling - the last speed test I did showed 115ish MBPS down. I've had this for two months and at this point am supremely happy with the performance.
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