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  1. Absolutely yes!!!!....until this week when it won't take a charge....not work without the battery as it is meant to do ..... UPDATE...emailed tech connect who suggested doing a reset....it worked beautifully...We 😘 ve this hotspot and couldn't recommend FMCA tech connect higher!!!?
  2. We have the upgraded (25mps) and the Moxee... no issues at all with it...we're currently in a very congested area...speed is good and blocks too...fingers crossed that it continues...
  3. My understanding is that you contact tech connect and tell them you want to upgrade to the 25...it's a bit more expensive...
  4. Hi Herman, Filled in form last Thurs (today is Wed) not a POBOX btw. We haven't received a call and leave in a week.. Thoughts? Ty Michael ML
  5. Hi...Thanks for the post. Calyx ...which carrier does it/they use? Is it unlimited (so far) I'd really appreciate having the email address that you used for them... Thanks... Mike Curtis ML Weller
  6. We received an URGENT email yesterday requesting info on our Mifi and sim card...saying not responding could negate our tech connect agreement... Any insight appreciated Tysm mrcandml
  7. Not happy...the tmobile sim from the alcatel doesn't work at all in the M2000 and the 4G Alcatel with it is pathetically slow...why replace the excellent M2000 with a 4G weak little ******???
  8. Yes....my tablet suddenly doesn't recognize the m 2000 and when trying to sign in an requested it took me to the Tmobile website..where of course I couldn't sign in
  9. I'm having a different issue but it's probably related. I have the M2000 but haven't received the Tmobil sim.. just a few moments ago I was asked to sign in when using the tablet I always use...the sign in page took me to the Tmobile website where of course I couldn't sign in....a few days ago my cell phone wouldn't access it as well. I've emailed FMCA ...crickets so far
  10. Hi..yes we have the 5G mifi via FMCA....it's awesome
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