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  1. I am the original poster and my sister/husband have still NOT got their system up and running. They, too, were sent a T-mobile sim card. When they call, they get a recording. . . no live person. They have called multiple times and filled out the form, etc. In fact what they have done sounds a lot like what ncbounder has gone through. At one point when my BIL got a live person, this gal told him she would get the paperwork started, but another person would call him back to follow up. No such call was ever received. I feel badly because I am camped in their woods with my FMCA wifi running at blazing speeds and I was the one who encouraged them to join and purchase the plan. Since they do have a motorhome, they did just what I suggested and now they cannot even use their device going on 2 weeks. In rereading the post, I see where Herman has given a corrected number which I have passed on to my sister. I hope that will work better than leaving at least six messages and talking to one live person who did not follow through. Dale
  2. My sister's also came with the T-Mobile sim card. They are calling FMCA tomorrow at the number above that Herman provided.
  3. Thank you Herman. I have passed that on. They did call the number on FMCA tech connect and are hopefully getting some help. But I passed on your message. Thanks again! Dale
  4. My sister just bought the new Tech Connect and they received their inseego M2000 device. Followed all the instructions. They appear to connect their devices to it, but there is no internet and error icons on the wireless icon. They are troubleshooting off the FMCA website and the instructions that came with it. The problem is they have no wireless number associated with it and the troubleshooting stops them there because they have no number to put in. Where the number should appear on the menu and "about this device" the space for the wireless number is blank. Help!
  5. Bradd and Hall are a Flexsteel distributor in Elkhart. Mastercraft Furniture in Shipshewana has new captains chairs of their own manufacture sold through their showroom. We bought new upholstery material from Mastercraft and had our Flexsteel OEM captains chairs redone for about 1/2 the price of new Flexsteel seats by a employee of the Mastercraft plant who does that work after hours.
  6. If you have a vented compartment with air circulation a small generator would be a possible answer. A Honda 2000 inverter generator would work for your needs, it is very quiet and very fuel efficient running for up to 9 hours on a one gallon tank of gasoline. The peak output is around 1600 watts which should handle your needs. The going price here in the US is around $1000.
  7. Same question: What is the deal with the e-mail about RV Roadhelp vs CoachNet? Has FMCA dropped CoachNet? Or is this an added benefit with our memberships? CoachNet has always came through for us, much better than Good Sam or others we've had in the past.
  8. I see no responded after you found the "mixing valve" at the rear of the water heater. Are you sure this valve wasn't the water heater bypass for winterizing the motorhome?
  9. WE also have Good Sam ESP, with a high deductible to cover engine, transmission and our 4 door Norcold refrigerator (replaced under factory warranty at 2.5 years for cracking case). We purchased our plan at the end of the factory warranty. Our previous motorhome was purchased used and I bought a Warranty Experts Plan online for $1675 and a $50 per visit deductible, in 28 months they paid out $3250. I have since heard many horror stories about Warranty Experts being investigated and avoiding claims, I guess we were just lucky. From what I've seen the biggest key getting the claim paid is to have a repair person who understands how to "play the game" and properly fill out forms. I have used repair facilities that won't accept extended warranty work paid by the 3rd party and have been reimbursed by following the "pre-authorization" of work route.
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