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  1. Very simply I have Generac diesel powered generator that weighs 800 pounds and has been a rabbit hole of expenses, including regulator pulley and belt rectifier I am way over $2000.00 dollar I want to replace with some very portable either with LP gas line or diesel again, gas? I don't I need to know what make and what set up? diesel, LP gas, Gasoline. Mike
  2. Can you flat tow a jeep liberty Limited Jet edition. Owner manual says you must disengage the drive shaft before towing It! I checked another the owner manual and it says 2wd No, 4wd yes, but must disengage the driveshaft. Called jeep corporate but can't get thru for an answer. Is anybody towing a Jeep Liberty and what do you think. It does have the tiny neutral button to put it into neutral. thank you, mike also if you are towing a Jeep Liberty what year is it? I think you can tow it because they (Jeep) include the neutral button to put the transfer case into neutral and the owner manual is misprinted or misplaced whereas they the (disengagement rule below 4wd and instead under 2wd) The other owner manual 2012 Jeep Liberty 600 page says you can tow a 2012 Jeep Liberty 4wd. !
  3. I need an electrical genius, I have 2005 alfa See Ya and the main slide out will not work. If I hot wire it, it works fine. I check all fuses and put a new 4 prong double pole double throw relay switch. I tested both the new and old switch and I have continuity. I have 14.2 volts coming to the switch and I am going to check again if I have power coming to the motor. It is a slide out motor 25 amps and the Dealer who sold me the vehicle said, it is either the relay switch or the motor actuator needs to be cleaned with an emery cloth! I tried to put the motor out, but it is wedge between the shaft that turns the gears of the slide out. Help! I had a non electrician spend two hours. $ 100.00 per hour with no luck. We look at the wiring diagram and check some of the wiring. The side out switch is a combination switch/relay! a trait of the alfa see ya, per my dealer comments.
  4. Can anyone provide brand names and where to purchase a RV Washer new or used. My dimensions 24 inches wide, 28 inches depth and height 36 inches. I check camping world and they want $1100.00 dollars for Splendide, Equator and Gobest. Looking for better prices and brand names thank you, mike
  5. Ok, so I purchased a Power Probe 3 and Load Pro. I probed the electric motor by attaching the PP3 to the red and black wires of Klauber electric slide out motor. The started and continued to move the slide out forward until it was fully extended. But, want to retract it. I am stuck. I tried switching the leads black to red and red to black with the idea I would reverse the polarity of the slide out motor. Nothing! 2. I tested the leads coming to the electric motor from the switch ( in/out). and the Load Pro on the display showed 00.0. which means Open Circuit. So, now I am going to take the PP3 and test all the fuses in the slide out circuit. But, I have to take a battery from my car and attach the PP3 to it to operate it in the RV. I check the Manual and this particular slide out circuit has a Solenoid, several relays two 5 amp fuses, Distribution Panel with two 7.5. amp and 15 amp fuses. Maybe, I should call a electrician.I am guessing it is a fuse or a relay, Please comment if you know any way I can diagnose the problem with PP3, Load Pro or multimeter. Thanks everyone
  6. Can anyone provide a website or place where I might be able to purchase a used LP Gas refrigerator? The new ones are way too expensive!
  7. Can anyone give me the 1,2,3 steps to diagnose why my slide out motor stop functioning. I will say I noticed it significantly slowing down the past couple of times I used it. I have a 2005 Alfa See Ya, the slide out is 13 feet, I did a visual check and see no obstructions with the teeth and railing looking good. I ordered a Power Probe 3 to do electrical but need advise what to do first to diagnose the problem. What should I test for?
  8. Wow, I look up the Winnebago wiring diagrams and they have every vehicle for the last 20 years, thank you for the help "RAYIN" I just go to find one that matches closely with my 37 foot Alfa. Mike
  9. Mjm434mrgn


    I can't add anything new, I am going to ask an electrician in my hometown and get to the bottom of this issue, does it damage the inductor motor. And, I would like to install it on my 2005 Alfa See Ya motorhome.
  10. Thank you for the reply, I have a 2005 Alfa See Ya, so I am betting there at least 15 16 years old I will contact Leisureworks in California and do more research, I also had the slide out bump into my driver side chair and gave it a little tilt! lol. I got to work on that too. I had so many things go bad and I just bought in February, South Carolina. It only had 6500 miles on it. Our first trip to Florida was a disaster and we were actually staying at the Crackle Barrel and Walmart due to lack of availability in the RV parks.
  11. I have white leather captain chairs and I am looking for suggestions how to clean and restore/preserve the leather seats. Thank you, Mike
  12. Hello, we are saying 2005 Alfa See Ya items such as. Booth, some cabinets ( natural wood), Window valences, Kitchen vanity, bathroom. Does anyone have interest in these speciality items or websites where we could sell the items. Or, just your opinion about uniqueness of these Alfa items and value of them. Mike
  13. I have a 2005 Alfa See Ya, with some electrical problems. Looking a manual or anything that would show the wiring diagram of a motor coach. Something in book or manual form. I have the service manual and it helps, but I need something in more detail so I can follow the wires thru the coach. Having trouble with exterior lights ,porch and market lights, generator problem. can't get enough voltage to dry doc. frigerator not working, thanks, mike I even believe any general class A motorhome wiring diagram book or manual would help.
  14. Just got a Alfa See Ya, founder 2005 , lot' of repairs going. My question, is there any instructions on how to operate the kwikee jack panel. lowering and retracting the jacks. I have check out you tube already. books or manual or website?
  15. Could not find a category for my topic. But, does anyone have a suggestion for uv protecting window shades, that allow you to look out but people cannot see inside the motorhome. we have class A motorhome. thank you, mike
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