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  1. Hello, we are saying 2005 Alfa See Ya items such as. Booth, some cabinets ( natural wood), Window valences, Kitchen vanity, bathroom. Does anyone have interest in these speciality items or websites where we could sell the items. Or, just your opinion about uniqueness of these Alfa items and value of them. Mike
  2. I have a 2005 Alfa See Ya, with some electrical problems. Looking a manual or anything that would show the wiring diagram of a motor coach. Something in book or manual form. I have the service manual and it helps, but I need something in more detail so I can follow the wires thru the coach. Having trouble with exterior lights ,porch and market lights, generator problem. can't get enough voltage to dry doc. frigerator not working, thanks, mike I even believe any general class A motorhome wiring diagram book or manual would help.
  3. Just got a Alfa See Ya, founder 2005 , lot' of repairs going. My question, is there any instructions on how to operate the kwikee jack panel. lowering and retracting the jacks. I have check out you tube already. books or manual or website?
  4. Could not find a category for my topic. But, does anyone have a suggestion for uv protecting window shades, that allow you to look out but people cannot see inside the motorhome. we have class A motorhome. thank you, mike
  5. We’re taking out all carpet and putting floating hard vinyl panels we have two slide outs Is there anything I should be aware of when installing this type of flooring ?
  6. Mjm434mrgn


    I am wondering also I would like to install it. Anybody provide testimonial to soft start. It would be great to have an electrician comment on the device SOFTSART
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