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  1. Skip and Nancy, why not just start a Roadtrek Chapter in your area?
  2. Karen, I have a 2008 210V. Had stress fractures that are caused by there being no flex between the metal and fiberglass. Cost RT a few thousand to fix mine.
  3. When I go through Van Horn later this month, I will see what the say at the truck stop. Guess the reason I didn't get a ticket before was that I was there under four hours--just use there was a little nap.
  4. It is not just you. Being an Army Brat, I grew up utilizing the commissary system. At one assignment we would shop for a month at a time, had weekly milk and bread runs, so we never used the stores in the local community. Now that I am retired military, I have found it just as easy to shop at WalMart. With the commissary prices being high and the 25 per cent surcharge, it is just not the value that it once used to be.
  5. One: Jacqueline O. Chaplin Two: U. S. Army Three: 28 years and seven months; Oct 79-Dec 07 Four: MSG Five: Last MOS was 79V (Retention) Six: Fort Sam Houston TX
  6. I, too, attended my first rally in Albuquerque and I'm looking forward to Redmond. Glad to see there are some TX folks close by. Planning on attending the Arts and Crafts Festival in Kerrville this year after missing for a number of years -- Army had me occupied, etc. Hawaii would be great if one would start working on a bridge. LOL
  7. Do you know where others will be parking distance-wise in relation to seminars, etc.? Having a dog to attend to means being able to run back between some of the seminars, so closeby is good. Haven't been to the area since taking a course at Ft McCoy, so I may be interested in attending.
  8. Ah, that military humor. Hooah! Jacqueline O Chaplin Roadtrek 210V San Antonio TX Retired Army MSG
  9. Brett, I'll be at the Rally and will make the get-together provided I'm not conflicted with another event. This is my first rally, so I have a number of mandatory seminars. Jacqueline O. Chaplin Roadtrek 2008 210 Versatile San Antonio TX
  10. Since I'm a newbie, I have some questions. Does the cost include entertainment and seminars? I will be staying over at Albuquerque Downs (same rules should apply there, but not having attended a rally before, I don't know what to expect) with a bunch of other Roadtrek owners. Are there any limits on in and out, i.e. are our sites ours once we arrive, or if we leave to do some sightseeing are we going to have to find another site on return? Jacqueline
  11. Bob and Gerrie, I am also awaiting my ovals. Please let me know how your trip to the decal & banner shop went -- costs, satisfaction, etc. Jacqueline in TX
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