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  1. I'm driving a 2005 32' Hurricane, Ford V10, usually towing a '06 Jeep Liberty. In the last two years I have put 26,000 miles and have averaged 7.27 MPG in that time. Highest was 10.2 MPG on one tank of gas and lowest was 6.27 MPG. I think part of the problem with the lower mileage was fuel related. On the last trip, while in Idaho and Montana the fuel pumps said "up to 15% ethanol". Not the best fuel for good mileage.
  2. One thing to remember with DTL's. If it's raining, they do not meet the Lights on requirement (at least in California). I had to ask about a dozen Police, Sheriff and CHP, before I got an answer. Was surprised at the number of them that didn't even know lights were required when wipers are on. As stated above, with DTL's the tail lights are not on so there is no improvement in safety.
  3. Thanks Bill. We are going to the FMCA Rally in Perry, GA, and will sign up for the weighing when I get there. Bob
  4. Class A, GVWR 20,500 Gross #17,080 Steer axle, #5,760 Drivers, #11,320 RF #2900, LF 2860 RR #6400, LR #4920 I don't understand the rear axle split unless the Weigh master made a mistake.He weighed the Front, Total and rear and then the left side, front and rear. He was in a hurry as it was a commercial scale and trucks were waiting so I didn't wait to do the calculations. I went back to get it re-weighed but they said that they don't weigh motorhomes anymore. I'm still trying to find a scale somewhere that I can get new weights. I run 80# all around. May be a bit high but have had no problems. Bob Thanks for the heads-up Brett. It's a Ford F-53 and the Fresh water tank and Generator are on the street (lite) side. Bob
  5. edmck101, I too have the F53 chassis on my 2005 Hurricane and agree that the V10 is a great engine. Don't rely on the stock temp gauge to tell you anything useful. I installed the Scan Guage ll and found that the temp varies depending on load, but usually runs between 190 and 210. The electric cooling fans comes on at about 204 degrees and shuts off at about 200.
  6. Thanks for the reply juanclem. I should have looked at a broader view of the map before posting. We will driving up 97 to Biggs Junction where we can cross the river and take Wash. 14 or turn left to I 84 toward Umatilla. Thanks again Bob
  7. I'm heading up to Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada from So. Cal. Not in any hurry. Just wondering about Wash, SR 14 vs Ore. I 84. I'll be driving a 32 ft. gasser, and prefer to stay off the interstates unless no better alternative. Thanks for any recommendations. Will not be towing the Jeep. Bob
  8. Well, sorry to say, this has become a mute point. Due to circumstances beyond my control, we will have to miss the Albuquerque convention. Hope for better luck next time. Bob
  9. Thanks for the info tmoning. I'll discuss this with my wife and see how she feels about it. I don't want one tour to spoil the rest of the week for her. Thanks again Bob
  10. Can anyone tell me how strenuous a trip the Chaco Canyon tour is ? My wife has bad knees and has trouble with stairs, and too much walking. As near as I can figure, with the trip listed as 11 hours and the distance from Albuquerque, the actual time at the site will be about 4 hours. Is this about right? Are there places to rest around the site, and is it a self-guided tour or is there a tour leader who keeps you moving? Sorry for the questions, but I need to know before signing up. I guess I should have included that this is for the Albuquerque get-together. Thanks for any help. Bob
  11. I'll be coming from the West on I-40 and up to Laughlin, Nev., and then on East to Albuquerque. Does anyone know how Arizona Route 68 to I-40 is for motorhome travel? I'm driving a 32-foot Hurricane, and have no objection to two-lane roads but don't want really twisty, hilly ones . Thanks for any info. Bob
  12. This will be our first convention. Just wondering if towed vehicles are okay and if we will be able to enter and leave via our towed during the stay. We may want to take some side trips if the schedule permits. We're really looking forward to the new experience . Thanks for the help. Bob (F412079)
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