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  1. Brett: My 400 hp. Cummins just does not have any power in the mountains around Branson, Mo. I changed the fuel filters and have a new air filter. Do I need to take to a Cummins shop for an engine check if so where can I take in around Houston. Thanks Clarence
  2. Question - suppose I am traveling and have a blowout - What phone number would I call to take advantage of th Michelin FMCA program.
  3. Brett: A little different question on tires: I had pressure pro tire monitor installed on my coach and having nothing but trouble. I am just going back to checking tire pressures by hand. Are anyone out their having any success with tire monitors? Thanks Clarence - clacy39@sbcglobal.net
  4. Brett: i just received the same system in the mail along with the cross fire system. I am trying to find a tire company around the Houston area to install - maybe Strouhl off 288 can install. Do you know of anyone? I also have the booster system for the toad. Thanks Clarence
  5. I agree - I will need help from tech support. Looks good but just can't operate. Clarence
  6. I was mistaken - I had to order direct from Press Pro - I bought the Ran McNalley GPS system at PPL - Neil did not mention any one company to get the Press Pro - Neil really liked the tire sensors as they were the most reliable and accurate that he had tested. I was very impressed with Neil's backgroung - 32 yr. career with a major tire company - graduate mechanical engineer specializing in maintnance - he has driven over 300,000 miles in different size RV coaches. Should I say more. He really impressed me and fielded all the questions with authority. Clarence
  7. Hello: I attended the RV boot camp put on by the Escapee's in Livingston, TX. last week. Neil LeKander, an expert on tire safety, had a special conference on tires etc. He would only endorse the Pressure Pro for a tire monitoring system and went into details on why. He also liked the Smart Tire system but they went out of business. So today I went to PPL here in Houston and purchase a 12 station monitor and all the sensors for my coach and tow. Not cheap ( $900 ) with all the sensors, antenna etc. The tech at PPL also agreed that this was the best unit on the market today - I plan on getting it intalled next week and give feedback. Hope this helps - Clarence Lacy
  8. Thanks John: I ask this question last year while attending a boot camp at Livingston. I have a copy of 5 different owners budget and most of the cost are pretty standard. The older experienced RV's averaged $ 3,500 / month. How does this number look to you? Thanks Clarence
  9. I would like to pick the brains of all the experienced class "A" diesel pushers out on the road for your monthly budgets, costs, etc. My wife and I are just preparing to join you and would like to set up a budget. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Clarence - Houston Feel free to send to my personal email if you do not wish to share with all the others. clacy39@sbglobal.net
  10. clacy

    Alberta Canadian Whitetail Deer

    This is one of my prize Canadian whitetail deer which I killed. Scored 247 Non typical.
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