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  1. Hi I'm fairly new to the forum but the few times of used it I've got an excellent help from all the members. My 1997 Hawkins motorhome sprung multiple leaks from my radiator. I had been losing coolant slowly since Idaho and could not find the leak I pulled over to get a snack and it was pouring out from the top near I guess where the tank connects and also multiple pin holes throughout the radiator itself. it never ran hot which I'm grateful for but now I am in dire need of finding a radiator shop near Columbia or in Columbia that can help me. My Hawkins is built on a Gillig bus frame with a caterpillar 3176 side radiator. roadside assistance towed me to a diesel mechanic in Columbia but I'm not sure if he knows much if anything about motorhomes in general, but especially radiators, and I am in need since I have three kids and live in it full time. I'm a disabled veteran on a fixed income and I know it will cost me a pretty penny to have it repaired but I am asking anyone for advice to a good shop that's trustworthy and does quality work.
  2. I followed your advice and it's working now....... But I have a antifreeze leak in my middle heat zone. I don't need heat now as it has been extremely hot here. Can I shut the furnace sections off while I determine the best way to reach the leak. I need the hot water, I have 3 small kids. Thanks
  3. Hi. I've been learning a lot about my aqua hot system from your forum. I recently acquired my new to me 1996 Hawkins motorcoach with the older aqua hot model 413/12. It would originally would run between 15 and 30 minutes then stop. I I serviced it with a new fuel nozel and filter. I have not run it because I needed to drain the old boiler antifreeze, it was in bad shape. I'm hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions. I understand the zone bleeding procedure from the manual but need to get an air blow gun to pressurize the system. Question#1, Do I fill the tank completely with new antifreeze? My manual says 15 gallons then start bleeding procedure. It has 15 gallons in it but is not "full". Question#2, can I use the domestic hot water safely before bleeding the heat zones? Also, I keep reading to mix the antifreeze 50/50. I purchased the camco boiler antifreeze that says "no mixing required" Can anyone clarify? Thanks.
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