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  1. Robh

    New facelift

    Manholt, hate to hear that hopefully the new rig is working better. I agree on the mileage theory, I have run diesels my whole career. This coach lived its entire life within 20 miles of the factory and was getting serviced regularly in spite of miles. I drove it home from Oregon with no running gear issues. Did oil analysis after I got home and all good. Only running gear issue found was v belt was getting there. Hoping we have not missed anything those cat engines are not cheap! So what did you replace your coach with? Hopefully this virus will tun it’s course and we can all get out again.
  2. Robh

    New facelift

    And many thanks to all for talking me out of dumping money into the norcold!
  3. Robh

    New facelift

    Seats and tile are original, coach only has 55K miles on it.
  4. Robh

    New facelift

    Originally I took it to Paul’s to paint and clear coat the roof and repair damage where I backed it into my 66 Ford. So first off new back up camera! Changed air bags, repainted above gutter line, new a/c covers painted to match coach, new igniter in aqua hot, new carpet, added paneling on walls, added power windshield, driver and passenger shades, fireplace with tv lift , new microwave and residential fridge. With virus shops are slowing down, all things I wanted to do in time but what better time to support these guys. Fortunatly I have a patient wife!
  5. Our 2000 Beaver Patriot Thunder getting ready for retirement in tw months. Work being done by Paul’s RV in Wakarusa Indiana
  6. Robh

    Hail Damage

    Wayne, thanks for referral. Going to repair fiberglass then paint and clear coat to stop chalking.
  7. 2000 Beaver Monticello Patriot Thunder. I have a flexvision backup system with age issues. I’m told there is a source for these systems in Florida. Anyone have a contact?
  8. Robh

    Hail Damage

    Yeah BAC has a forum, requires admin approval to post which apparently doesn’t happen on the weekend
  9. Robh

    Hail Damage

    Manholt, I’m not finding the Beaver forum, can you point me to it
  10. Robh

    Hail Damage

    I am in Watseka Illinois, hour north of Champaign.
  11. 2000 Beaver Monticello Patriot Thunder, purchased in September and drove home to Illinois from Oregon. Hit severe weather in Iowa and of course hail damage to roof. This was small hail that came down hard enough to break A/C covers and pierce roof in places. Looking for opinions on best way to repair and references on a qualified shop.
  12. Finally found time to get to the coach and try the magnet, no luck. Guess it’s off to the repair shop. Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. My fridge has a blank screen and will not turn on. I can hear a relay cycling about every thirty seconds. Verified a/c and d/c power. Just bought coach and fridge was working fine. Light is not on on recall box. Afraid this will require a new board but thought someone may know a workaround
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