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  1. Hi everyone. OP here. I ended up replacing the inverter/charger, and after a few days of testing and observation, I think everything is back to normal. The original remote control unit is still in place and functioning as it should. Thanks to all for your suggestions!
  2. Hello everyone. 2003 Fleeetwood Revolution 40C. With shore power disconnected, generator not running, and both chassis and house power switches turned off, our Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter/charger just started up by itself in “invert” mode and the remote panel (Xantrex Basic Remote) came on. I was able to turn it off by pressing the Invert button on the remote panel, but after a few minutes of silence, the inverter turned itself on again! After a few cycles like this, I called Xantrex tech support, and the friendly person who answered suggested that I reset the inverter/charger by disconnecting the battery positive cable from the unit and waiting 2-3 hours. I did that, but when I came back and reconnected the battery, the inverter started itself up again. I called back to tech support, and the technician told me that a second try at the reset procedure might work. But if it didn’t, he said that given the age of the inverter/charger (original equipment), it was likely that I would need to replace it. So I tried the reset process a second time, but the inverter started itself again. This time, after I shut it off from the panel, I had the idea to unplug the RJ-11 connector for the remote from the inverter, and then plug it back in. To my amazement, the unit stayed off and I thought I might have solved the problem. I left after a half hour or so of observation. But alas, when I returned to the coach this morning, the inverter/charger was humming merrily along in the bay. Much more of this and I’m going to end up with flat house batteries. So, what’s your consensus? New unit, or something else to check?
  3. I also have the RVND7 GPS, and finally got through to customer support only to find out that map updates for my unit are no longer supported. So eventually I think it will be time for a Garmin. All of these devices eventually become obsolete, though, regardless of brand…. —Tim C.
  4. I live just south of Chicago and I'm looking for a shop within a reasonable distance which will repair my driver's-side window. One of the three panes has condensate in it and the seals are leaking--makes using the rear-view mirror a bit of an adventure in some light conditions! … I also contacted Master Tech RV, also in Elkhart. They can do the job I need (removing, cleaning, resealing the window); however, they have only one technician who does this sort of work and he hasn't returned to work from Florida or wherever yet!! I'm awaiting a call back from them when he returns, but... … UPDATE Master Tech did get back to me and we scheduled an appointment for June 9th. They actually subcontract window repairs like this to a 3rd party; in this case it was a crew from Auto Glass Boss who did the work. I had had some other windows repaired by Auto Glass Boss at an FMCA rally some years ago and was satisfied. This window is now nice and clear again (since the assembly was out, I had them go ahead and clean all three panes) and I was back home by 5 p.m. I’m happy it’s fixed. As an aside, I must say I was impressed by the size of the Master Tech facility and I appreciated their friendly, professional staff.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I did what F442485 suggested: logged out and then in again. Now it works! —Tim C.
  6. I discovered that the fmca.com website has now come back online, and I was browsing through the various areas to see what may have changed. When I looked at the Membership Directory, I found that I could see my own entry but no one else's. I tried searching by member number (by the way, before upgrade just the numerical portion was enough but now I had to include the "F" at the beginning); by city and state (but just zip code wouldn't get it); and by name. Only entry I could see was mine. Just wanted to let you all know... Best, Tim C.
  7. On our ‘04 Revolution, there is an in-line fuse in the power lead going to the water pump. It’s just behind the pump, which is behind a removable panel in the wet bay. I’ve blown that fuse twice so now I carry some spares of that type in my toolbox.
  8. tcolburn

    step retraction

    Not sure if I understand the problem correctly. But when we put away our coach in storage, here’s what I do with the steps: after I exit the vehicle, I close the screen door (which retracts the steps), then reach through the door handle opening in the screen door to turn off the house batteries—fortunately the switch is right by the door! Then I open the screen door, attach it to the outer door, and close and lock them both. Steps stay retracted till I return, open the door, and flip the battery switch. Hope this helps somehow. —Tim
  9. Ours has a 10A in-line glass fuse in the power lead right at the pump. (‘04 Fleetwood Revolution) —Tim C.
  10. I had a slight leak in our tank’s fill valve. RV dealers didn’t want to deal with it and recommended I go to a propane supplier. I found Amerigas in Lansing, Illinois. They had to vent all of the gas out of the tank, then replace the valve. In the process they broke the gauge sender and had to replace that too (but didn’t charge for the extra labor). Took a week or two for the whole process due to their other clients. Everything’s been working fine since.... —Tim
  11. Our local Petro will run the card (before fill up) for whatever you estimate your fill up will cost; this places the hold on the account, and when you reach that amount, the pump shuts off. If you don’t reach the preset amount, you are only charged for what you pumped—whether or not you go back in to get an accurate receipt. I, too was skeptical about this when we first got our diesel, but checking my credit card balance verified that it really works this way. By the way, I avoid using a debit card for these kinds of transactions, since I like the ability to dispute a charge with the credit card company in the event something goes sideways.... Like Herman, I usually avoid Love’s because their prices tend to be higher. ...Now it’s time to go out and move some snow here in eastern Will County...😏 —Tim C.
  12. Slide seal lubricant. I think it’s a Camco product; comes in a spray can. I apply some a couple times a season (when I think of it!). I’ve also used it on the door seals of our cars to help prevent the doors from freezing shut in the winter. —Tim C.
  13. Couple of comments. First, deciding “yes” or “no” on the proposal was not so easy—thanks in large part to the thoughtful discussion here on the Forum. There were a lot of considerations we never thought of before seeing them addressed by others. I vacillated a lot and so did my wife and several of our friends. One procedural issue we had was what to do when the two of us did not agree, since we only had one vote for our F#. I imagine others may have had this concern too, and maybe that was part of the low voter turnout. (BTW, DW and I did reach agreement eventually and got our vote sent in...) Second, apropos chapter membership and governance, this whole process illustrates the need to examine the organizational structure to ensure that every member is fairly represented. I don’t think that there has been any intentional effort to exclude non-chapter members, but from many of the comments here, I can see how some would get that impression. There are several possible models for national/chapter structure (I belong to some other organizations that address this in various ways) and FMCA might well want to establish a committee or something to investigate whether some sort of restructuring might better serve all its members. If this happens, I hope that the accumulated wisdom here would be part of the conversation. And I’ll finish with a chapter comment. When we joined FMCA as newbies a few years ago, we didn’t know anything about chapters. Shortly afterward, though, we got an invitation to join a local chapter, and did so. When we attended our first outing, we discovered a whole new group of lifelong friends we hadn’t known we had! Our chapter is most interested in being together and having a good time: no cliques, no politics, just friendship and a welcoming attitude. For us, this is the face of FMCA. Best, Tim C.
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