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    Tire Pressure Question

    The coach is one year old but I'll check the DOT date. The tires were at max inflation when I purchased and I figured no harm in stating out that way. The trip I took in the fall was a rough ride (I come from 5th wheel experience - not prepared for the different experience of traveling in the environment of a coach) and the Interstate certainly was not in the best condition but I figured part of the rough ride was tires may be overinflated for my load. Now that I have some time to check some things I looked at my scale weight for last trip and compared it to the Michelin pressure/weight chart. Even though the coach is now unloaded of stuff I figured no harm in changing the inflation to what the chart indicated for the last trip I took thinking it will be representative of future trips. But then I noticed the sidewall bulge and decided to ask about it. And next trip I will be better prepared. Thanks for mentioning 60/40 axle imbalance. Even though I've try to load even, putting heaviest items in the middle of storage compartments, I've wondered about side-to-side distribution and plan to do the 'one side' scale weight procedure to determine distribution.
  2. Thanks all for your advise. I thought I had read not to use the leveling jacks for long term storage. But I cannot find that reference so I guess I misread. @Manholt. Thanks for comment on pads under jacks.
  3. When parked (stored) for several months in a space that is level I see no need for using the hydraulic leveling jacks. Is this a correct assumption or should they be extended anyway? What about the air suspension? Should the air be dumped or is it better to leave it alone since the leveling jacks are not used?
  4. Yet another tire pressure question... I have 6 Michelin 275/80R22.5 on my rig (less than 6000 miles). Based on the scale weight of my last trip Front Axle weighed 11k and my rear weighed 19k. Now that I am home and the rig is unloaded I presume the weight on the axles is less. I sat down and puzzled over the recommended tire pressures using the above scale weights and the chart in the Michelin book sez 95# is about right for my weight at that time. So I dropped my pressures from tire max pressure of 120# to 95#. The next day I noticed that the sidewalls of the tires directly above the contact patch are bulging out a bit on all tires. In my mind this tells me underinflation. So is it really underinflation or just a misunderstanding on my part? My inclination is to increase the pressure to reduce that bulge. When I was running at max pressure I did not notice (nor did I specifically look for it) that bulge in the sidewalls. Just wondering what the consensus is regarding the 'bulge'.
  5. This is an interesting topic, thanks to all who have posted their questions & concerns. I just discovered the existence of this fuel card so went to their site to see where their participating stations are located. I sent some time going in circles on their rather sparse site. I guess you have to sign up before you can find out if there are stations that are near wherever you will be traveling. No thanks, there is insufficient detail at TCS to attract me. Than I came over to the forum to see if there was any info. The info you guys have posted is enough for me to go check out TSD. Thanks!
  6. I have a Tiffin DP w/ air brakes. I'm looking to buy a used Jeep Wrangler and it is already outfitted with a Roadmaster Sterling tow system & Invisibrake vehicle brake system. It is not clear to me if the Invisibrake will work w/ air brakes & what if I am using the exhaust brake? The Roadmaster web site has a lot of info on brake boosters and that does not sound like air brakes to me. I was leaning to the M&G system but since the Wrangler has the Invisibrake installed already I am wondering if it will work ok.
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