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  1. 27' Class A -- Stay in the park when we can. Sites very close but doable. If not KOA in Mariposa
  2. RverOnTheMove ~~~ Thank You for the 'tip' ~ pouring bleach into the filter housing seems like it would be a lot more efficent than pouring into the hose. Have to 'refresh' the tank tomorrow anyhow ~ so will give it a try. ~~ Kate ~~
  3. I consider staying at a KOA about on par with eating dinner at Denny's ~~ May not be my 1st choice but I'm sure glad they are there. JM$.02
  4. Mine is supposed to have direct link to FortCollins,Colorado ~~ will wait and see.
  5. My MH sits on my side-lot. I just let the extra(clean) water drain out into my trees.
  6. Had "Roadmaster" Front end stabilizer installed on our 2007 Itasca26P(workhorse chassis) IT HELPED A LOT. Stopped the 'pitch & yaw' & stays where ya aim it a lot better ~~ no more fighting the steering wheel. Didn't get rear as did not have a 'tail wag' problem on that short of a rig. YMMV, Kate
  7. rrbusiness ~~ What is "stowaway" of which you speak?? Have used the "Guardian" shield for several year and the only complaint we have with it is WHAT TO DO WITH IT WHEN NOT ON TOAD?? Dogs don't like sharing the backseat with it. TIA, Kate
  8. 2007 Itasca with the narrow pantry pullouts next to the 'fridge. 5 sliding drawers 3" high sides ~~ LOTS of wasted vertical space between pullouts ~~ good for cereal boxes; paper plates; other tall stuff but was afraid stacked canned goods might tumble into space behind drawer. MY SOLUTION ~~ got several "6 pack" wine bottle carry totes at 'Trader Joe's' ~ very lightweight ~ same width as pullout and 9"tall ~(+-$2.00ea). Can put 3-4 4oz cn /2 16oz cn in ea pocket ~ lots of spice jars ~ oatmeal packets etc.etc. Easy to keep sorted and organized. Also works for light weight plastic storage jars in upper cabinet. They might not work for everyone but I LOVE 'EM.
  9. Thanks All for the welcome. TBUTLER, Debating doing Lassen & LavaBeds this trip OR on a more "Norther" trip Oregon & Washington later on down the road. Rig too small for REALLY long trips so will try for several through out the year/years as seasons allow. Been planning the Glacier/MtRushmore trip for years ~~ so kinda wanted to do it first. Got a SouthWest trip in the works for Fall. Some repeats ~~ Some new. TakeCare ~~ TravelSafe ~~ HaveFun ~~ Kate
  10. Just joined FMCA and thought I'd say "Howdy." Been camping awhile ~~ late '70s tents and truck campers, then a small pop-up ~~ 90's 19 1/2' ClassC ~ now 27' ClassA -2 slides. Some RV travelling (WesternStates) ~~ mostly camping Yosemite/Sequoia/KingsCyn etc., etc. Only 24 more working days and Maddog will be retired and we will be starting (in May) our first long(2-3mo) trip. CA Gold country ~ Craters of the Moon(ID) ~~ Glacier ~~ Yellowstone ~~ Cody ~~ Devil'sTower ~~ Rushmore/CrazyHorse ~~ Pike'sPeak ~~ Gunnison etc.etc. Will be spending as much time in each area as needed. Then West on Hwy 70 to 15 then Hyw 50 to 395 to 120 finishing Yosemite. Maybe Utah on way home depending onna bunch of things. Also stuff below Hwy70 been recently will go another trip. TakCare ~~ TravelSafe ~~ HaveFun ~~ Kate
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