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  1. The ECO is not a Brand, it's a type. The ECO System is a fully contained disposable filter assy. I use a similar filter but smaller (9.8 X 18). The last one I purchased was made by Racor and was about $72.00 from my local Cat Dealer. I have some info I can e-mail which shows installation.
  2. We will be at Apgar around 5/20. If we can offer any further help feel free to ask. I believe the KOA in West Glacier has a website that covers a lot of Glacier Park activities. There's more to do then can be done in one week.
  3. In my experience failed wheel bearings don't come and go. If your '93 has locking hubs they may cause some noise. You might try driving with the hubs engaged for a short period to see if any change. If you're comfortable jacking up the front end and rotating each wheel plus checking for play you might learn something also. Engaging both hubs with transfer case in neutral or 2wd and rotating each wheel may also provide some info. I'd try a good driveline or 4WD shop for a second opinion. Sounds like Mr. Goodwrench just wants to start replacing parts, IMHO.
  4. Apgar Campground, Lake McDonald (west side) has the largest sites with 25 40'sites. St. Marys on the east side is limited to 35' but we've always been able to fit our 39' into several spots. The temps on the east side generally run 10* lower then the west side (both air and lake). We prefer the west side for proximity to West Glacier, Kalispell, etc. Going to the Sun Highway is a Must if you have a Toad. Flathead Lake is another Must. Enjoy your visit.
  5. Hi Lindsay: thank you for taking the time to answer so many questions. I have an FJ R.V. Real Value Member Card issued last year by FMCA. Following your instructions I registered the card yesterday on Pilot/FJ Website. I then tried to register my existing 15-20 year old card which was not accepted. With all I've read about 'orange' cards, Frequent Fueler cards, professional cards, cards with an 'RV' in the corner, etc. will I now receive a discount using my current RV card as well as auto pump feature when used with a Discover Card?? The posts regarding this seem to be contradictory. thanks, terry
  6. We purchased our replacement masts at Auto Zone. Pep Boys or Kragens had similar masts.
  7. Your OP states a 4X2 5 speed, why can't you tow 4 down? EDIT: I reread the posts and found I had responded to a post regarding a 4X2 with AUTO after I pressed reply. Sorry pkendsor. Strangely enough Remco has changed their towing instructions for the auto trans and now states trailer towing only. I posted on 5/30 and was unable to edit until 6/01. Any ideas what I was doing wrong?
  8. Remco states the 4X2 5 speed Tracker is towable as is. Motorhome magazine only lists 4X4 Trackers & Suzukis. You might call Remco for clarification (http://www.remcotowing.com/)
  9. Smaj: My wife is Pinay, I'm white. I'm 60, she's a LOT less. We spend a few more days in the M/H each year but fulltiming eludes us for the present. We have always been welcomed in the RV Community without hesitation or bias. If Blacks RVing are the minority then Pinays are non existant. You are not crazy, you are living the dream your friends desire but are afraid to try. The great thing about RVing is you can lower the jacks, pull in the slides and find new neighbors........we've never found that necessary. We have encountered a few curious rednecks in our travels but our two G. Shepherds leave little room for questions. We spend winters in the SW and summer at Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP or home. You are always welcome at our camp. We are new FMCA Members and Newmar Kountry Klub is next. Congrats on your choice of coach, it's beautiful! Thank you for your service. Terry & Maricar F414172, Army, LRP, RVN
  10. They might enter via the vent pipe. If you're parked it's possible they can lay their eggs in standing waste.
  11. My first technical post and open for scrutiny (be gentle). Four things will add to the early demise of a light bulb: Over voltage (which I doubt is your case cause that would manifest itself in other places too), long duty cycle (does it actually turn off with the door closed?), Intermittent power (is the switch misadjusted and allowing it on/off rapidly-blink?) or vibration of the bulb. Can you explain a "winter switch" to me?
  12. Terry US Army 1969-1971 E-5, 11-B, Recon/Infantry RVN, Americal Div., I Corp.'70-'71 Thanks SEAJAY for starting this thread. ~ For those who have fought for it Life holds a flavor the protected will never know~ GOD BLESS our Veterans, Protect our Warriors and Wecome those that make the Ultimate Sacrifice Home to HEAVEN.
  13. Hi to all: after several months of education on another RV forum we accepted the overwhelming advice of its members and joined FMCA. We enjoyed the camaraderie of its members and look forward to more of the same here. Thanks in advance to everyone that helps make our RV experience so enjoyable. terry&maricar
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