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  1. 2008 Damon (Thor) Astoria bay (or basement) door latch broken. They will all likely need to be replaced. Does anyone know the supplier of these latches.
  2. We have replaced three of the eight cables we have. One frayed to the point it would not retract the slide all the way, the other two I replaced on signs of wear. I carry two replacements. It can be difficult to replace, but doable for most. I found that on our slides the holes for the cables where not in perfect alignment to the hole in the side support. This required us to file the hole to make it just a little larger. Our MH is a 2008 Damon Astoria, we had to replace the first cable in 2011, next two in 2012, and none since we enlarged the hole to allow the cable to go straight into the side. A pair of good wire cable cutters and a crimping tool is needed. The cable repair kit come with a cool little tube you insert the old cut cable in and the new cable. You then pull the cable all the way and fit it to the pulleys inside. We had to remove some trim to get to the cables on the inside. Best to watch them and replace at first sign of wear. Typed on my new tablet.... first ever try so I hope the info comes across OK.
  3. Nice mods. We've worked on the electrical mods ... 800W of solar. Pulled out a useless sofa/bed and installed a desk with lots of storage (great for homework and keeping records updated). Enjoy your trip and lifestyle.
  4. Oh gee, and I just bought one last month and Camping World is putting on the base plate tomorrow..... Yuk,
  5. Thank you all. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Steve
  6. This may be just another silly question but I need to ask. Our motorhome, class A DP, nearly 40 foot long, 33K pounds, 101 inches wide and 12 feet 7 inches high. Over the last 6 years we have normally drive on the interstate highways. Because of various blogs, Harvest Host, and articles like Mike Wendland’s Open Mike in the FMCA magazine, we are planning this year’s trips on US highways and some state routes, not interstates. Are there standard bridge heights that do not require minimum warning signs for interstates, US highways and State routes? If so what are the minimums? I don’t want to leave an AC unit or a roof behind! Does anyone with a class A, of about our size or larger, have experience on touring on the non-interstates? If so, drawing from your experience what advice can you give? What are the biggest concerns? Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
  7. When replacing my house batteries, do I discount the NEG first or the POS? When reconnecting, what order do I reconnect?
  8. It time to change my tires, all six. The FMCA Michelin deal looks good. I've talked to other MH owners, Thor and Freight Liner, and tire dealers. It is close to decision time. I'm thinking of moving from my GY G670 255/70R225 to Michelin 275/70R225. (Some of the newer models using the same chassis use the 275/70's) I have made the measurement of wheel well, minimum dual spacing (spacing is 13"). Now the questions: 1) How do I adjust the Rev/mile? I've looked at the Operators manual for Freight Liner, and don't see an adjustment on the menu setup. (I thought I did at one time.) Is it a user setup or must I take it to Freight Liner or Cummins? 2) A friend told me that if I make the change to the 275 that my GCVR should increase from 5000 lbs (now) to 10000 lbs as with the later models of my 2008 Damon Astoria. Does anyone know it this is true. Freight Liner said check with Thor and Thor said check with Freight Liner. Thanks in advance for any help. Steve
  9. Thank you for the recommendation. I see you are in Gonzales. My Army unit "brother" tells me its a great place for Jambalaya! Yumm. Thanks again.
  10. I'm planning a trip for a military unit reunion in April 2013. I'm looking for a campground/RV park around in or around Gonzales Louisiana. Any suggestions? Not finding many on line. Thanks in advance, Steve of Gilroy CA.
  11. Is the leak oil, fuel or coolant? We also have an Astoria (08) but no problems .... Yet. I service the gen and while tight I have not had any problems in servicing it. I do drive the MH on to six inches of planks.
  12. In mid October we're looking for a week in the Santa Barbra CA area. I only see Ocean Mesa at El Capitan listed in my references (MH 39')but it's very pricy and the pictures on the web don't look that great for nearly Benjamin Franklin each night. Any alternates in the area? Steve
  13. One: Steve Two: Army Three: Ten years and four months, 1968 – 1978 Four: CWO3 Five: Fix wing and later helicopter pilot + all the other special duties. Six: Vietnam 18 months, Ft Eustis, Germany, plus the normal pilot training locations. I believed in the mission then and I still do. Our family stands on the aside of those who serve and protect us today. 2008 Damon Astoria 37 foot with a Toyota Avalon as Toad.
  14. If you don't need all the goodies (hookups) every day, you may want to try this site http://www.uscampgrounds.info ... It's a secret, don't pass it on.
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