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  1. You are aware those are only 12 ounce cans. add another can or get a dual gauge set hooked up so you can read high side pressure also and we can give you more help and direction. hope this helps dave
  2. As someone who has had to clean sealer out of ac systems on farm equipment I would not advise using it.Plugs expansion valves orfice tube etc. JMHO dave
  3. Hi, Sorry to reply so late.In North Dakota consider international peace garden by Bottineau,Paul Broste rock museum in Parshall,Garrison dam and Fish hatchery are a few that come to mind. Take your time and enjoy sounds like a great trip. Dave
  4. First find exact fuel pressure spec. for your set up then test with good pressure tester .I have seen numerous GM trucks run with under spec fuel pressure but needed either shot of gas or starting fluid to get started. One of these was only under spec by 4 lbs. Good luck. Dave
  5. Almost has to be one of two things.Either hot water valve not shutting off water or blend door not shutting off hot air.I would lean towards blend door problem.Either something stuck in door or actuator bad or out of adjustment. dave
  6. I agree you should not have to put up with problem when it states in manual its OK, but it is what it is. The bungee cord trick may work but you also have to limit the amount the steering wheel will turn. You do not want the wheel to turn over half a turn. I would limit it to a little over a third. Remember my dad doing this years ago because when wheel went over half turn they would not return.With limiter he no more problems.
  7. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 10 lbs per 1000 rpm.Anything less I would worry about. dave
  8. Rich is 100 per cent correct.
  9. At this point I would: 1 have someone ride in car as you tow it around to see where steering wheel is and how it reacts when shaking happens. 2 find a large parking lot and have someone follow along in separate vehicle to observe the same actions when shaking happens 3 trying leaving engine on vehicle idling in neutral to see if this makes any difference 4 put rear tires on front see if this helps All this makes me wonder if the tight turn you said you made may have bent something on towbar or base plate. I assume when you are towing you are not loading rear end of ca r(cargo area and back seat) real heavy. The more information you can give to anyone looking at your vehicle helps. dave
  10. I think that is way to much. I have a 5inch drop receiver unit on mine to get tow bar close to level as possible. Your set up could be pulling upward on front of toad. Just saying worth a try. Dave
  11. When toad is hooked up is tow bar level or at an angle with ground?
  12. If you are using a quick charge kit with only one gauge on the can you need to get an ac manifold with high and low side gauges. Quick charge kits are fine until there is something wrong. No or low low side pressure but high side pressure for example,equals plugged or stuck expansion valve, blocked line, other problems. Charge r134 by weight only not sight glass as many 134 systems will have some bubbles in glass when fully charged by weight. Many small cans are only 12 ounce cans so charge by ounces not lbs. dave
  13. And have to listen to all the I will do this and I have done this every year,No thanks I will pay higher price and get a treat every so many years. JMO dave
  14. Keep ground connection as close to weld as possible also.
  15. Many times after compressor failure small particles get caught in passages of condenser plugging them. If they cannot be blown or flushed out you need to replace the unit. I assume they have checked for good air flow across condenser. Mine has two fans that move air through the condenser. If yours is this way one could be not working or if it is radiator mounted it could be bad fan clutch. I would ask them if head pressure was OK when they installed compressor for clutch pulley problems? If it was good at that time and is now high and unit is plugged with debris from compressor ask about compressor manufactures warranty. . Good luck Dave
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