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  1. Hello out there. When is the best time/mileage to change the antifreeze. Since I have not changed my Coolant Fluid, I have put around 10K miles on the last couple of trips. The coolant looks and feels clean. The tank has never gone below the fill line. The overflow has required 1/2-quart or so over the last two years. The engine is a C-12 Cat Diesel, Class A pusher. The temperature in the motorhome always runs right on 185 to 190 degrees, no matter whether going up or down hills. Speed has not affected the temperature, either. P.S. Also, is they're a special antifreeze that needs to be used on this kind of engine? Country Coach Magna 2009 Saturn Vue toad
  2. Hi Brett. Here is the info.. I bought 2 of the LED Factory type light replacement kit (comes with resistor) from Johnnie Walker RV on Boulder Hwy. out side Las Vegas Nevada Phone number # 877 897 47 50 I talked to Dusty in parts, nice person well informed. Part # TC, Inc. #008292 Bulb for 86430 CR/CL Handle. Monaco used the same lite but with a no name handle ... I wanted the LED because it projects the lite down my CC Magna Handle.. I use it as a night light, much softer and less intrusive.. I hope this helps.. Ross'
  3. UP date' I found the LED Light with the wiring for the handle, very inexpensive under $10.00. Complete assembly. So if any of you need this, it can be purchased at Jack's RV Supply, located just out side of Las Vegas, Nev.
  4. I had a 100 watt solar panel & control unit installed installed at Camping World about a year ago, I disconnected It 6 months ago because it was boiling out the water/acid in the house battery's, even when I was not connected to shore power, When I was camping on shore power I would lower the charging amps no difference. I would test it and the output reading were correct. After a trip and I noticed that the battery acid came out and sprayed/went down the side on to the next bay's and removed some paint, upsetting to say the least. So I disconnect the panel, I have not had the battery's boil over since', even when I charge at a high rate 30AMP setting thru the Heart Interface. Here is the real question, since the chassis battery's (engine battery's) are not charging when I'm not driving or running the engine, will the solar unit work and will it over-charge when I'm driving (engine on and charging)? The Coach is using 2 8D for House battery's and the same for Chassis battery's Any advise?
  5. Swapping sensors are not an option at this point... breaking down two or four tires is quite a job.. these sensors are installed in the center of the rims. The Air pressure was correct and that tire was to the touch no hotter that the others, I'm going to keep going (on the Hwy) for now.. I probably the sensor...
  6. Thanks Brett, I was just thinking about that.. I have a temp gun... the inside tire were just a little hotter by about 10deg's but again thanks great minds think alike.. Rz'
  7. no it was mostly over head.. around 12:20 PM
  8. I have a Smart Tire System. Works really well. Can be set to your Coach & Tire Mfg. recommended pressures. Has an alarm which I have had the Good/Bad mis fortune to use? Save a real problem from happening! Could have cost me dearly! Not a cheap system but worth the money! Not one of those screws on the valve stem, waiting to be stolen or fall off! Shop around compare the brands and functions ! Good Luck CC. Magna 42 w/Tag monitoring all 8 tires
  9. This week we were driving thru LA (I know why?) The outside temp was 111 on the freeway, when my Smart Tire Monitoring system alarm went off, took us by surprise! I found an exit.. Stopped and checked the tires all were good. The outside rear drive tire was the one with the alarm (I have a tag axle). We were still concerned so I drove to a truck stop on 10 freeway. Asked some truckers what their temps were, they did not have temp systems but their air pressure was 125 to 130-- the same as mine. All of my other tires were stating temps of 158 to 168 the problem one was now reading 190 (after slowing down for crosstown traffic) but the tire pressure was normal. I decided to try making it home just another 100 miles or so.. well the temp out side was 106 to 109 and that tire temp stayed between 190 and 198 all seemed good so I drove home... And yes I set my tire temp cold, tires are Michelin 2 years old 15K on them, Anyone had his problem one and two what are the temps to be on a hot day like that.. I know that running low air pressure will cause higher temps & maybe a blowout..
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  11. Because of stupid people we will all be look at different, I hope Wal-Mart does not change their open parking avaiblity program because of incidence like this. I have not stayed in Wal-Mart but if I was on the road and need a place to pull in and rest up or get some sleep I would use them they are everyware.. Stupid people are every were' what can we do? I hope a good thing is not ruined!!
  12. I also have a 40ft bagged CC Magna.. I do not like using the auto leveling button.. it takes for ever.. I dump air as I need to, that way the pump is not running, If you read the manual it states that it might take hours for it to level.. I get it level on the way down and then shut off the system by just touching the off button.. I hope this helps.. Rz' Ps. I also level after my slides are out..
  13. Who told you that you are over weight? I also have a CC Magna with tag with a 8 bag system. My tag is rated for 12,000 lbs and so should yours. Have you had it weighed by a proffesional shop or person so you can get the info you need? I just had a complete chassis tune and that was part of the inspection. I loaded down when we travel (wife has ton's of stuff ... Rz
  14. Brett, I have 2 8D's BATTERIES THEIR ARE FOUR SETTINGS ON THE INTERFACE Unit SET UP shows these settings 30/20/15/5. SO WHEN I SET UNIT THE READING WAS 7.5 I READ THE MANUAL I ADVISE NOT TO SET THE CHARGING ON THE HIGHEST UN-LESS ONE WAS PLUGGED IN TO 50AMP's, (I have 4 batteries 2 chassis and 2 House) I wanted to clear that up if there was any question. I was on 50amp but I wanted to get a long slow charge ?,. After two days of on and off charging the batteies only came up to 97 amp hrs.. my other batteries (chassis) read 257 when fully charged... The unit shows all the correct setting.. accept, float, etc... but when I go to read the charge in says CCC which means charging so how long does it take to get the batteies back to a full charge with the correct reserve hour amount? I'm home now and not using any of the coach power I've turned off the House Battery Switch so everything is shut down...
  15. I was in Oregon Mountain Gate RV Park, My rig was plugged in to the 50AMP service, we went on a two day tour... when we returned late the 2nd day.. our Coach was dead.. no power the house battery switch was still on but very faint lite.. The Sure Power Surge protector was shut down... There was a rain storm on the prior day. I try to get the 50 amp box to respond it was dead, call mgr. and had to move (Chassis Batteries were still fully charged). Finally got power reset the power box and the Heart Interface referenced. The house batteries were drained down to 10.2 Volts way low... so I set the unit to charge, at 20 amps. with a lower charge of 7.5 amps... after two days the batteries are still needing more charge to get up the reserve amp hours... Does anyone know how long the recovery will take? The batteries are new Interstate 8D's the water levels are normal.. I have not tried to setting the charger on 30 Amps I was trying to get a deeper charge with the 20 Amp setting.. I am using my Heart 2500 Converter/Inverter, Any answers''
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