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  1. I have a 2012 GMC Terrain and have experienced the "wobble" 5 times. I decided to change my procedure to new recommendation. Bought a RVI Towed battery charger and decided to have it installed in Bradenton, FL where we were staying for the winter. I also bought an adapter by Blue-ox that has a switch to tow or not tow. Basically it turns off the anti-skid. Also had to buy a new 7 to 6 umbilical cord to wire from MH to car. It all worked OK when I started out. Next day did not work and I had a dead battery. I switched back to old procedure of just removing fuse inside car. All together cost was about $450. I called RVI and I did all of the things they recommended but no success. They sent a new charger. Same story. I finally figured out that the ground from the MH to the Car would work the turn signals and the brake lights so I knew that I had a ground to the car. So I bought a 14awp wire about 8 foot long and wired it directly from the receiver that is plugged into the umbilical cord to the negative pole of the battery. At this time it is working and I think that I have solved the problem. Hope this helps someone else
  2. I would contact RV magazines. They have articles that help RVs with issues that they have with service. I'll bet Honda doesn't want the bad publicity. But I found that Honda wants it both ways. They support all down towing in their manual but then they blame problems on "O, your towing the car". I traded my CRV on a GMC Terrain because of there attitude. I had owned 5 Honda cars but got feed up.
  3. When you set up the Brake Buddy you must first turn the car off and then push the test button 5 times per directions. This clears the brakes in the Honda. Do not leave the car turned on. Leave the key and turn to aux. I wasn't doing this correctly and ruined the front tires. You should set up the system at about 30 pounds and sensitivity to 7 for a 40 ft mh according the Brake Buddy.
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