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  1. I have been towed three times by Coach Net and never had a bill other than my annual renewal fee. They have always sent some one to me in a timely manner. The operators have always been competent. I will continue to use them.
  2. Newmar hides the screws, access to them is through the cabinets on each side of the TV. Once the screws are removed the frame will come out. You may have one or two clips holding down the TV which will need to be removed. Odds are the new flat screen will not fit the opening. Good luck Frank
  3. Have you checked the master switch? Sometimes the repair people will turn off the main power disconnect if the coach is in storage for a while.
  4. We have only been full timers for 6 years but have watched both 5 W and Motor homes sit up and take down over the years. Motor homes are much easier to set up and get ready for the road. The other closer for us is what size of vehicle do you take to the store? A motor home you take the towed car and a 5W you take the truck. We only drive the motor home at the most once a week and only about 300 miles where the 5W owners must take the truck everywhere. Those are some of the reasons we are motor home people. We have a 43 foot Newmar and love it.
  5. We have had coaches with kitchen slides for 12 years both Newmars with no problems. We have lived in our current coach for 6 years as full timers and love the lay out of this coach. Normally the kitchen slide is only about 18 inches wide to accommodate the pluming and gas lines that are necessary for the function of the kitchen.
  6. I would call Spartan and talk to them about the problem. Sounds like you have some kind of short or ground fault that is causing the problem. Spartan is always ready to help out the this type of problem.
  7. We have been on the road now for 6 years and have Alternative Resources out of Sioux Falls SD. AS stated above there is no income tax in South Dakota which is an advantage. Other taxes are low. You only need to be in the state one day to get your drivers license and register to Vote. The Alternative Resources will assist with vehicle registration as well as most any situation that comes up. I was called to Jury duty once and they helped me out of that problem. All in all we have been happy with them.
  8. Do you cook inside your coach? If so this may contribute to the oil and soot in side depending on the amount of ventilation you use. Open windows and run vent fans on high may help. Frying at a high Temp may contribute more oils and soot to the inside air. Take a look and this and see if it is part of your problem.
  9. I agree Newmar is a top line manufacture of quality motor homes. We are full timers who are on our second Newmar Dutch Star and have loved both of them. A 2007 coach with only 1400 miles on it brings a little concern because it has not been used much. I would look at it in person and then ask to have the engine and transmission looked at by a good mechanic shop. If there is a Cummins dealer in the area that would be a good choice. Ask them to change the oil and filters at the same time. If all of the chassis equipment is in good shape the next step would be making sure all of the house equipment is functioning. That would be the air conditioners, fridge, water heater, heaters, and microwave. Look for stains in the ceiling as that is an indication of roof leakage. If all is well there you should have a good coach. Good Luck
  10. I would look over the out side of the coach for bulges in the skin this may indicate water leaks. This would occur around the windows and the water heater. I would also check the inside ceiling for stains that would indicate water leaks from the roof. Check to see that the generator is in working order start it and power the coach for a few min making sure that all the air conditioners and other electrical appliances work. These items are high cost and difficult to repair.
  11. You need to know that in this part of the country people drive 100 miles one way to have a beer with a friend. That being said, you could park at West Yellowstone and still drive over 100 miles to see parts of the park. If you were to drive to Grand Teton and back you could drive over 300 miles to make the round trip. Staying in two different parks is a good option. We have visited both parks for the past 3 years. Staying in West Yellowstone or in Gardner (Northwest entrance) are good options. We normally stay out side the park about 50 miles north and 20 miles south of Livingstone at a park called Yellowstone’s Edge, nice park with great owners. We stayed at Jackson Wy for our visit to Grand Teton. There are a few parks there and most are big-rig friendly. There is also a park that is in-between Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We have never stayed there so can't give any recommendations.
  12. It sounds like California does not care about the business from the RV Public coming to their state. It is nice that they can turn away the dollars that we generate in these tough times.
  13. I agree -- the more open you are with your business the better people feel about being members.
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