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  1. We use an electric, automatic-scooping litter box,(rather, the cat uses it) and she loves to sit and watch it operate. We've asked several visitors if they could smell it and each have said, "No".
  2. I had the same problem with low hot water pressure. Being full-timers, we don't need the winterizing by-pass kit on the heater, which includes a check valve. I took the guts out of the check valve, to remove the restriction, and then got the same pressure on the hot as on the cold.
  3. Can a corroded-through hole in an aluminum Atwood water heater be patched?
  4. Walmart carries the Camco brand water freshener in their RV section. It's the same one I most often see at RV parts houses, but at a lower price.
  5. We use a sediment-only filter coming in and a carbon filter for drinking water. The chlorine not only keeps our entire system free of algae without having to add a freshener to the water tank, but it keeps our white clothes "whiter" without adding bleach to the laundry.
  6. Coolant guage reads low: Thanks to all who sought to help me with this problem. I had spoken with around 20 RV technicians at RV shops, Monaco, and RV seminars: "The trouble has to be a loose connection." On advice from an audience member at a recent RV seminar, I talked with a technician at Bedee Guages. He said that they had issues with Monaco installing temperature sending units which were incompatible with Bedee guages and the proper sender would likely solve my problem; he was right. For $16 I bought a new sender--VDO #323-419/NAPA #701-1813. Now my temperature guage works perfectly. Carl
  7. I've been off-line for a while, but I appreciate everyone's input. My temp. sending unit has pipe threads (no o-ring), so I assume it needs pipe dope. The guage has performed the same way since we bought the rig in Jan., 2010. All the other guages work fine. I can use an extension cord to "hot wire" the sender to the guage, but I don't know how to check for power to the guage; it has four leads and I don't want to damage anything. (Two RV techs advised me to "Don't worry about it", but I'm having trouble doing that.) Any more advice about checking the guage?
  8. Jerry, I installed the Steer Safe on our Safari Cheetah. Now my co-pilot can't tell when I drop off the shoulder.
  9. On my 2006 Safari Cheetah (350 hp Cat) the coolant guage slowly rises to 150, but never goes any higher. My Cat manual says it should read at least 195. When I touch the temperature sending unit lead to ground, the guage needle pegs. I replaced the temperature sending unit with a new one from Monaco, installing it using Teflon thread tape--still topped out at 150. I cleaned off the tape and applied a paste thread sealer before reinstalling it--still topped out at 150. I replaced the temperature guage with a new one from Monaco--still tops out at 150. A Cat dealer checked and found the engine to be running at 200 degrees--while the guage still topped out at 150. Any ideas?
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