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  1. I agree with richard5933, especially if you have a diesel. The engine noise drowns out the wife's speech. We use our cell phones when necessary. Jerry
  2. If all the fuel related responses do not solve your problem, you may have the some thing I experienced about 3 years ago. Same as yours, the generator would start and then die. Finally took it to Onan and found the engine temperature sensor had broken. Replaced and started up immediately! Sensor is at the right rear of the engine on top of the coolant manifold. Technician stated that Onan had experienced a lot of the same failure. Jerry
  3. I am very interested in attending this seminar! It is always good to learn something new. Jerry
  4. RJ, I would very much appreciate a copy of the alignment specs! I have been trying to get a copy and having no luck. You can email them to jlhayes@swbell.net. Jerry
  5. My '05 36' Inspire with IFS has a slight steering wander that requires constant attention when. A couple of mechanics have not been able to find any slack in the steering mechanism. It is worse in a stiff side wind or "groovy" blacktop. Anyone else experience this problem? Has anyone tried any of the aftermarket steering stabilizers and if so, did it resolve the problem? I have experimented with different tire pressures, but no improvement. Jerry
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