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  1. The boss and I replaced the flooring in our 96 beast with a plastic type laminate. Water proof easy to clean all most sound proof to oops can't hear that I hard of hearing. lol
  2. Hello out there, Just reading all these stories about guns. Come on guys grow up. Number one why do you think you need a gun. Number 2, if i can't take a flipping apple across the border why the heck do you think you can cross with a gun? If you are that scared then stay home and build a cement fort around yourself. And if you get caught crossing with a firearm... then I hope they throw the book at you. LAWS ARE LAWS abide by them.
  3. Hello out there in RV world, hope all is well! The wife and I were talking about prices of the new motor homes. and the way they are built. We have a 1995 Airbus by Rexhall 30 ft wide body. Over a bottle of wine we started to wonder what price ours was selling for in 1995 new Any one have a idea or know? wallee
  4. Good day in RV land-- just put ours in winter mode today darn. But we have been reading the magazines and have notice a trend in the new RV's. They all seem to be going away from lpg to all electric. Is there a reason for this or is it just a trend? With lpg at least you can have a stove if power is out or a freezer fridge. wallee F429753
  5. We were in a parking lot today waiting for a ferry, always waiting. But that's a another story, What we saw was a small class B almost the size of a Westfalia VW, but this one was called a "Royal Star", and by the looks of the make it was a GMC? I think. Was wondering if anyone has seen them or know of them???
  6. duhhhhh. I found the well nuts-- man I feel stupid. Never thought of them as, well, nuts-- just collapsible things with screws. Thanks anyway, not my day.
  7. Hello Lenp, OK you got me. I checked out the system and get a current though the wires. I put a small container of water beside the tank and jumped the different wires to it and all the level lites work. So, well nuts? So, I'm thinking just get a brass or stainless screw and thread it though the tank hooked to the wires should work.
  8. One more thing you should carry or tow is a trailer with a million spare parts, bandages etc
  9. Leave yours gun at home please-- that will save you big trouble at border. Canadian customs don't like you coming in with any guns period. You could loose your RV and ruin your trip. Welcome to Canada. jmcguire
  10. very nice place Kalberri been there twice been to monkey to lol only nice beach and lots of sand
  11. I have a question on the so called level indicators on the fresh water tank. Looking at mine, I have a ground on the very bottom then 3 other wires attached by screws at 1/4 1/2 and 3/4 mark. The only lite that lites up is the red lite. OK so now I know the sensors get dirty, so there is no way to clean them on the inside of tank. So my question is: Will I get them to work if I put 3 new screws in though the tank besides the old ones? Or is or are there some kind of magic to the sensors-- like stainless or brass screws? PS I have room to work there so its not to bad. Wallee
  12. Hi, guys and gals in RV world. After driving a small Class C for a few year, the thing just couldn't take the road anymore, so the wife and I adopted a 30-foot Class A Airbus 1994. It's about three times bigger then the Class C. Man, what a thing to drive. BIG is not the word, so one day we were looking at the size of it and just out of the blue came the name Wallee the whale. That name has stuck, so when we refer to the RV, we just say wallee.
  13. I have a 1994 Rexhall Airbus 30', built on a Ford chassis. The wife and I have slowly been tiring to bring it back up to almost new shape. The coach parts needed are a new hotwater t. fridge repair, furnace repair, etc. The chassis part is not bad just needed some TLC, and new rad. ouch!!! But now what I am looking for is or are some place where I can get some dash controls like the heater control switch and cable. I guess somewhere down the line it was not cleaned or oiled or??? The heater works sometimes like when I hit the con. but can't slide the cable for the tem or ac I have tried but but you guys know what its like. Any help on this would be nice. PS please check your tires for the made date. 5 years max. I found out the hard way! BANG goes the tire, floor boards, wires, dust. Tire was only 6 years old, lots of tread man what a ride!!! left front. Thanks from wallee
  14. Thanks guys, but none of above was any good. I had to go to Rexhall and ask if they could give me a key num. for that year. which they did. Then I had to find a place that had them. Found them in a key shop in WA state. They said they had over a 1000 of them hummm?????????? They work better then the lost one.
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