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  1. Officially (per BMW) the MINI is not RV towable. Having said that, I would say that any MINI is "4 down towable", assuming you are towing a "Stick Shift". I have Towed a 2005 MINI Cooper /S and a 2010 MINI Cooper Clubman /S -- Both 6 speed manual transmission -- for thousands of miles -- tens of thousands of miles --- without any trouble. BMW even provides a TOWING Adapter with each vehicle that is referenced in the Owner’s Manual and described as being used for "Recovery Towing". I guess that means it is OK to tow a MINI if it is broken down. It seems if you can tow a disabled MINI one should be able to tow a working one. As to Warranty being voided - never happens, what happens is if a Transmission is damaged (or other failure that can be shown to be caused by towing), the warranty for the transmission will not provide for the correction of that fault but there is no general VOIDing of the WARRANTY, every thing else remains under the Warranty. And yes that means that if the transmission fails because of towing you’re on the hook to fix it. But, in my long experience, and the experience of many others, I believe that the chance of that happening is slight to non-existence. As to not having t many places to fix a MINI – I have yet to have any work done on my MINI. other than annual LOF (Lube, Oil and Filter). Oh, I did have the towing brackets installed and the windows tinted – but that kind of work is not done at the dealer. phespe
  2. PHE Mini Cooper Clubman TOAD Itasca Medirian V Class 34' - 2010
  3. Don't know about your state but in NC "Sensors in the roadway are connected to the red light camera and the traffic light controller. The camera is activated only when a vehicle enters the intersection after the light turns red. http://www.hsrc.unc.edu/safety_info/traffic_operations/red_light_cameras.cfm So in NC it makes no difference how long the Yellow" is. phespe Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/04/08/1114075/red-light-cameras-in-doubt.html#storylink=cpy [/left]
  4. Many (most) vehicles with Keyless Ign (i.e. an electronic fob for starting rather than a real Key) no longer have steering wheel interlocks. phespe
  5. UHhhhhh "I am one who has always heard, and believed that cars are gounded due to their rubber tires." I think you got it backwards -- Rubber (and Rubber Tires) are far better insulators than conductors, i.e. as on Autos, the tires insulate the vehicle rather than ground it. Or as you said "I am reasonably assured that the tires are not grounding the MH." but because they are made of insulating materials - not because they are not in contact with the ground. The leveling Jacks do ground your Motor Home phespe .
  6. Jon796 said "For the most part, you can possess a shotgun and/or rifle. You can't have a handgun unless you are in the state where you would be licensed. Only licensed law enforcement or retired law enforcement with a federal license can carry a handgun across state lines." Nothing you said supports this statement - in fact your warnings - quoted from the NRA - show just the opposite of what this statement says. So I repeat that the statement is completely wrong. PHE
  7. The lists cited are a good source but beware thare may be errors in them; for example the Towing World list says that North carolina has no requiremants on towing autos - is completely untrue as NC Law is; (as quoted in the Brake Buddy list): North Carolina Every semitrailer, trailer, or separate vehicle attached by a drawbar or coupling to a towing vehicle of at least 4,000 lbs, and every house trailer weighing at least 1,000 lbs, shall be equipped with brake controlled or operated by the driver of the towing vehicle. BTW I have sent a email to Towing World several time but they have not corrected their chart Michican and Texas are also listed as "no requirements" and I belive that it is not correct. phespe
  8. If there is better handling because of the length over 33' I sure can't see it/feel it or experience it. I owned a Alpine 32, a Journey 39f (40') and currently own an Itasca Medirian V Class 34' The Medrian handles as well as the 40 Journey, The Alpine 32 foot handled better than any other MH I ever owned - and that's 9 of them since 1972 There many factors that play into it other than addition to length. The OP asked about length - I think an appropriate reply would have mentioned that length alone is not a good measure. PHSPE
  9. There's an in between size that provides a King bed: The Winnebago Journey Xpress or Itasca Medridian V Class. Both 34/35 feet available starting in 2010 PHESPE
  10. I'm a bit confused - but that's nothing new -- You say the lockup incident happened a couple of hours ago right before a railroad track and she barely made it across the track. Later on you say I am wondering if this brake work could have somehow bothered the brake buddy or Blue Ox system and caused the malfunction. I'm wondering if your daughter drives the vehicle with the Brake Buddy installed? Would not that be a bit awkward? phespe
  11. This is likely a well known problem - and since it surfaced after you changed shower head/parts, the likely cause is the anti-siphon valve valve for the hand-held shower head and is leaking from the shower fixture - dripping on to the floor under the shower pan. WOLFE10 suggested this and is most likely correct. Ask me how I know! phespe
  12. Maybe your original idea was correct - That is the main fuel tank is at the fuel cut-off point. It sure seams easy to just fill the fuel tank and if things work. Why don't you try it? PHE
  13. Well to start with you can get brochures for almost any year/model Winnebago RV (Motor-home) from Winnebago's web site http://www.winnebagoind.com/products/previous-models/
  14. Mini Coopers tow quite well, but only the standard transmission (6 speed). I'm on my second one - first one was a 2005 CooperS, had it for a few years but needed to upgrade to a Mini CooperS Clubman. It too tows easily. I use Roadmaster tow bar and base plates. PHESPE
  15. Well not all states NC requires towed vehicle brakes at "2 Tons" ie 4000lbs PHE
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