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    Full timing since 2005. We prefer to stay in the West and enjoy volunteering as interpretive hosts.
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    Full-time in my motorhome
  1. We've driven the Beartooth a number of times over the years, never with our 40' DP. Charles Kuralt called the Beartooth Highway "Americas's most beautiful drive" - but you won't be able to enjoy it trying to keep you rig on the road. And think of others - the last we time we traveled we were stuck doing 5 mph while some yahoo in a 40' fiver had traffic backed up for miles. Leave the rig and make the loop in your tow; from Cody you can take the Beartooth one way and the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (nearly as beautiful), the other.
  2. Brett - could you clarify a statement made early in the posts and one I've seen elsewhere? Is running the engine while spraying the cleaner and rinse OK? On another forum, a CAT C-7 owner (like mine) stated he used this procedure with the idea that the fan would sling the cleaner and rinse in the same places that would get the dirtiest. Your thoughts? Keith
  3. It's certainly not the first Blue Ox base plate to fail, mine did also on our 2006 Mazda Tribute. While pulling away fron a rest stop, I had that momentary pulling sensation that you get when you first hook up when the bars extend. I stopped to look and found the base plate completly loose, being held on by the plastic bumper (I also had safety chains and a break-away cable). Later, I had the chance to inspect the base plate, and found that the metal had snapped on each side just past where the plate makes a 90-degee bend into the frame member. I took it to an authorized installer who verified that the installation was correct, but the metal simply snapped. When I contacted Blue Ox, they were apologetic and offered to send me a new base plate but would not pay for installation. The installer I'd taken it to (not the original dealer) said that I'd be better off having it welded with additional support bracing and guaranteed it would never fail. They did an admirable job, but Blue Ox wouldn't reimburse me since they refused to be liable for the welding (which I understood). Instead, they issued me a credit for their product catalog. What was telling though, was that when I later checked their web site and reviewed the installation for the same model, they'd added safety cables to the installation, which to me was an admission of a faulty design. Blue Ox was cordial and professional throughout, and I was satisfied with the credit, but don't let them tell you that you were the first.
  4. I use the Valterra adjustable regulator with gauge, about $60. It's shape is a better fit in my water bay, where it is permanently connected. I bought my hoses at the Water Filter Store, and don't worry about pressure damaging them. I had a Watts whole-house filter but wasn't happy with the size and weight. Plus the Valterra is plug and play, no need to add hose adapters.
  5. I've towed about 3000 miles now without a problem, but I take some extra precautions that may help others. I had a transmission repairman show me the best place to measure the temperature with an IR gun (a deep crevice on the driver's side). I experimented, and found that towing over 62 MPH raised the temperature to over 250 degrees after a couple of hours (300 degrees is the danger point for me). Airflow is obviously a problem, so I tow with the hood open to the safety latch with a plastic door brace to keep it tight, and a steel safety cable just in case the safety latch fails. I now tow at 58-60 mph, and can go for 4-6 hours with the temperature staying below 250, and most of the time below 200. As I understand it, heat is the issue, as the fluid expands and blows seals. I also stop every 200 miles max and run through the gears for five minutes or more. It's a pain, but so far the car has performed well.
  6. meanderman

    XZE Vs XZA2+?

    I've decided to go with the XVA3s....thanks anyway.
  7. Check urbanlegends.com, factcheck.com, or other "urban legends" sites. The Jane Fonda story is not true and has been going around for years.
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