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  1. I'm a teacher with the Summer off and a 36' 1998 Bounder, with a tag axle (51,000 miles) towing an HHR toad (and a 10 year old golden retriever). I've been RVing for the past 10 years (every summer) and have never been west of the Mississippi River. I'm thinking of a trip west on I-10 and finding a few passport america parks in New Mexico and Arizona from which to call home bases while I tour the states in the HHR. I want to see the painted desert, petrified forest, carlsbad caverns, and, of course, the grand canyon and Hoover dam. Here are my "worries": Am I crazy to go to these places in the Summer? I live in Florida and don't like the summer heat here but I think it is becuase I hate the humidity. Also, having a GAS (Banks Power Pack Ford 460) motorhome, will I encounter steep grades on I-10 in west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona? I'm scared to go too far off of interstates with the motorhome because it is so big and I always worry about getting "stuck" in a situation and not being able to back up (since the toad is attached.) I'm alone so I have no one to go back and drive the car out of the way. Anyway, are there routes off of I-10 that I should stay away from and do any of you have any passport america campgrounds that you would recommend in New Mexico and Arizona? Thank you so much. Jurisinceptor
  2. This happened to me once with Power Gear jacks. It turned out that I need to add hydraulic fluid. The sensor that senses that the jacks are down does so based on the reservoir re-filling with fluid when you retract. I was retracted but there was just a tiny amount of fluid that needed to be added to tell the sensor that the reservoir was refilled and that the jacks were retracted. I added the fluid and that was about 4 years ago. No problem since.
  3. I have Power Gear levelers and love them.
  4. I visited Van Horn in June, 2013. I stayed at the Motel 6.
  5. How nice for you that you have had a "fine ride with abundant memories." What about those of us who are only in our forties and just starting to get the taste of motorhome travel? I bought my first class A last year. Now, I worry that I won't get the chance to travel the country and see the places I have never been. I truly wish that something could be done to regulate fuel prices.
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