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  1. I also used Suncoast Designers in Hudson, Fl. Called them on Labor Day and they told me to bring it in, when I got there they had 5 slots left for repair work, 3 days later got the call to pick it back up. They cleaned everything, and we are very glad we called them.
  2. Sorry to hear about your ticket, best thing is to pay it. I live about 20 miles from the light you are talking about (US 19 and Ridge Rd. in Port Richey.) It is one of the highest money making lights in a 7 county area. On the other hand people have challanged it in court a number of times and lost, the state DOT inspectors have checked it quite a few times and found nothing wrong with it, it meets all stanards for traffic signals.
  3. Looks like Blue Ox is the way to go, was thinking about Invisabrake, that way I do not have to take anything in and out.
  4. Hello yall, Buying a new 2012 Wrangler with 6 cyl and automatic 5 speed. Was wondering if anyone else is flat towing one, what towbar and brake system are you using? All help is appreciated.
  5. KQY7171 - and I still use the CB in the truck and motorhome, wife still can't stand it.
  6. You can also check carfax. Make sure that it was not rebuilt.
  7. Thank you to all that served!! 1)Dennis Kiegel 2)USN 3)69-73 4)E-5 5)BM2 6)Great Lakes-UDT training, Little Creek - assault boat coxswain, USS Independence CVA62 4thDiv - North Alantic - Gitmo - Med 7)USNR 73-74 Tampa, Fl.
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