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  1. Hi , I just read about the rubber fuel lines collapsing on gen-sets,in as little as five years, and with this" corn" gas, we use now. It could very well be a rubber fuel line, Good luck.......Jerry
  2. jeff, once you get your new blades, make covers, out of canvas or some other durable material with closures made of velcro you can slip them on from the top and seal up the bottom half with the velcro This will legthen the life of the blades dramaticly.{slip them on like a sock] I also coat the blades with a little "303" , it's a non silicone protectant that's good for many uses.....Jerry
  3. Hi ,if you are handy you might try picking up some aluminum or steel bar stock from your local home improvement store, and fabricate brackets to bolt, screw or pop rivet to the underside of your bumpers. No visible holes and no wire ties either.............Good luck, Jerry
  4. Hi Garvin, that sounds,and looks like a great barn find you have. I think that's the same model of mh that was a feature in the movie RV with Robin Williams a couple of years back. If you can get a hold of the flic, I think you'll enjoy the restored mh, plus it's a funny movie also. What can go wrong did with Robin. He WASN'T driving the Flixible. Good luck with your search. I hope "to see it on the road" in the future..... We have an '87 31' Southwind Eagle that we're updating. Not as cool as your Flixible but rare and fun to work on.......................Good luck from Kirkland Wa USA.........Jerry
  5. Hi, be sure you locate and repair where the problem is originating from first, as soon as possible. I finally located a leak on our mh and it was inside the roof vent for the refer. Water travels. We had pulled the widows and resealed them just to find out they were NOT the leak source. Take a look inside your kitchen and other cabinets, near the ceiling, for water damage. Maybe even pull out the microwave,if it's up there............. Sorry I haven't found anything yet to reattach the panel and I'm still looking....................Good luck, Jerry
  6. Hi, you might try this site. I recently insulated the doghouse in our '87 Southwind with their Double foil faced insulation,which is about a 1/2" thick,It seems to be quite a bit quieter. They also have the correct adhesives..........They are located in Tukwilla Washington and Portland Ore. www.perfectfit.com They are a wholesale auto upholstery supplier.........................Good luck, Jerry
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