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  1. Great Idea on getting a sign shop to duplicate them. I wonder if the FMCA egg maker would consider offering that as an option?
  2. I'm thinking about converting my cooktop to a induction cook top. Has anyone ever done that? I searched the forum but didn't see any comments on doing that.
  3. I watched the magna shade video and it seems like a lot of time and trouble compared to the MCD screen. All I need to do is push one toggle switch from the dash and the screen goes down or up. Another toggle switch and the shade goes down or up. Another advantage is that the screen acts as a sun visor when driving into the sun. Been pleased with this addition to our moho.
  4. As to class A RV parks, I'd have to agree with Herman on Wolf Creek in Pagosa Springs. Now if you're around Foley, AL there's one very nice Class A only at Bella Terra RV Resort.
  5. We have a 2012 31ft Newmar pulling a 05 Saturn VUE. Usually go around 5 over the speed limit and get 7.5 to 8.0 mpg.
  6. We are attending the FMCA Convention in Madison, WI in August. Knowing about the river flooding, I was wondering if the Interstate system is still closed. Some websites indicate there could be problems. I was wondering if anyone has actually traveled the route we plan to take. We plan to be taking I55 from Memphis to Bloomington, IL and then on I39 on into Madison.
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