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  1. Looks awesome! Got me thinking. 🙄
  2. Thanks for the opinions. Sounds like I'll be adding air before heading home.
  3. Looking for opinions. Left south Louisiana with temperature in the 80's arrived in North Carolina with temperatures in the 30's. Needless to say, tire pressures in the morning are considerably lower, should I adjust back to 95/90 psi or run as is?
  4. What about using automatic transmission fluid like Dexron III?
  5. Those are the numbers I came up with originally. Then I to add a little langnape.LOL I will probably end up between the two numbers. Thanks for you through presentation.
  6. Thanks, guess that means I need to raise the pressure a little more.
  7. Agree, thanks for your input.
  8. Thanks, that's what I was thinking. I would rather be over than under but not excessively.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I was allowing 5 psi for a safety margin. Is that a bad idea?
  10. Not sure if I'm figuring this correctly. I installed a set of Goodyear Endurance LHS 295/75R 22.5 load range H on my MH and am trying to figure pressure. The front axle weight is 10,420 lbs and the rear is 18,260. I figured 105 psi in the front and 95 psi in the rear should be a safe margin. Does that sound correct, if not what would be the correct pressures?
  11. Thanks moonwink, I appreciate the response, I will definitely do that.
  12. I have not tried any removal methods yet, was hoping for some feedback before doing more harm than good. I would agree with the old age cause, the wheels are 14 years old, and the problem is not on every lug. I will take some pics tomorrow. Has anyone ever tried SharkhiDe spray, someone else suggested that as a coating after removal of the oxidation.
  13. I have coated aluminum wheels on my 06 Charleston and the manual says not to use abrasive cleaners. Recently I noticed an accumulation of white oxidation around some of the lug nuts. My question is how to remove it and prevent it from returning? Any feedback appreciated.
  14. Unless there is air trapped in the pressure line, the response time should be minimal. Oil does not compress significantly and 50 psi on one end of the tube should transmit to the other end quickly. Just my opinion Ronnie
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