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  1. Thanks Herman. Thanks kaypsmith, I didn't misunderstand your post, they have two air systems. The original system does not use the vacuum booster but their new 2.0 system does use the vacuum booster. I was looking at the 2.0 system.
  2. Update: Spoke with M&G, I was looking at the wrong system. I was lookin at their new 2.0 system, and what I need is the original system, it doesn't use the vacuum booster. Thanks for you inputs.
  3. But they talk about installing a vacuum pump under the hood to keep a vacuum on the brake booster. My truck doesn't have a vacuum brake booster, it has hydraboost, which operates off of hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump. I tried to call M&G but couldn't get through, will try again tomorrow.
  4. I was looking at the Roadmaster system, which uses a removable pneumatic cylinder in the cab. If I read correctly, the M&G system only works on vehicles with a brake booster and my truck has a hydraboost brake system. I will have too call and check with them.
  5. Thanks jleamont. Did you install or had it installed?
  6. Thanks Manholt, I Appreciate your input. I read about an auxiliary brake system that works off of the air brakes on the MH. I understand the brakes in the toad are applied by a pneumatic cylinder. Does anyone have any experience with such a system?
  7. Thanks Bill, I appreciate your feedback. If we stay in one location for an extended time, a rental is fine. But on a trip where we move every couple of days, a rental is kind of a pain.
  8. Thanks. I was kind of worried about that, but it is currently the only thing I own that is flat towable. I have never towed a vehicle, we usually just rent one, but it sure would be nice.
  9. I am thinking about towing my 3500hd 4x4. My 06 Charleston is 39 feet long and has a 330hp Mercedes Benz diesel. According to specs, should be able to tow up to 10,000 lbs, and my truck weight is about 8,000 lbs. I would appreciate any comments or information on this idea.
  10. As I stated, I only added a couple of ounces to the reservoir, so it wasn't empty. It is a small reservoir and I guess the pump may have cavitated and pumped air bubbles into the system. In any case, that seems to have corrected the issue for now and I will continue to monitor. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
  11. Upon closer inspection, I found the reservoir to be slightly low. Added a couple of ounces of fluid and cycled it in and out several times. This seems to have solved the problem but I will watch it for a while. Really surprised the fluid level is that critical, but I guess it was allowing air into the system. Thanks for all the information and input, I appreciate it very much.
  12. I noticed if I run my generator for an extended period, it drifts out a foot or so from the front of the MH. The slide opens and closes hydraulically and I can't find any kind of lock to keep it closed. Should the hydraulic cylinder keep it closed? Thanks for any input
  13. I'm from Abbeville. Thanks for the welcome.
  14. Hello all, I have been reading here for about a year and finally decided to join in. I have owned motorhomes for about 25 years and my wife and I love to camp, just don't get to do enough of it. We currently drive a 2006 Forest River Charleston 400QS and have owned it for about a year. I'm looking forward to interacting with other members here and have a lot to learn.
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