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  1. I have gone to CT and Wildwood NJ ( own a place in both areas ) every year, sometimes many times. Motorhome and trailer travel have been twice a year for almost 20 years. have never had a problem on the GSP .. I pulled a travel trailer late 90's and a MH ever since that. North Jersey if you stay in the lane second to the left of the divider or median you are good as it's 13' 6" or more. It's just those old stone arches that are lower and marked as such over the breakdown shoulder line. Motorhomes are in a gray area as mentioned and are personal use vehicles. A reason we don't have to go into weigh stations or agricultural check pullouts. I have seen one fifth wheel pulled over in all those years and I'll bet it was a speeding issue. I have been followed, looked at, gone by so many troopers who never bother me.
  2. I missed it this year, how was the turnout? I know both my chapters weren't going although I had planned on it, but a bicycle accident took me out of commission ... still recovering in fact. I missed Chicago
  3. I carry a 50 foot 6/4 gauge cable set up for 50 amp and appropriate adapters if I need to use it for 30 amp. It is not needed all the time but when it's needed it is worth it's weight in gold.
  4. My two cents in regards to campfires. I am glad they are not allowed. Some of us have smoke allergies and welcome campgrounds or events that do not have fires. That being said I will crank a small fire every once in a blue moon to cook burgers on or do a particular indian vegatable dish that requires that smokey charred flavor. For that I carry a milk crate with some dried hardwood. Sometimes in high density campgrounds or events with lots of fires going you end up with a thick fog of particulate matter that makes it hard to breathe. It gets even worse in national parks or state parks as people burn green wood or other forest debris that doesn't burn clean. It is one of the reasons I like this type of function. We all are different which is what the world is all about ... To each his own
  5. "True" Tabbouleh is based on a cracked bulgur wheat and not couscous as stated in the recipe in the May 2013 issue. Couscous is a variation. I mention this because the description on the recipe states that it was a recipe for "true" tabbouleh. Although substituting couscous makes a good alternative, it is not traditional. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabbouleh If using couscous, the Israeli Couscous or one of the other larger varieties makes a wonderful salad. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israeli_couscous
  6. Bay bridge tunnel just asks that you shut off propane. There is a rest area going southbound you can stop at to shut it off. Going northbound I pull off in a gas station before the entrance ramp to the bridge. I have been traveling the bay bridge tunnel since the beginning. No problems although I do wish they had made the tunnel wider and put a barrier in the middle. Route 13 south of 113 used to be clear sailing, but now they added a bunch of lights and it's slow with a motorhome. Stop go stop go. They are not timed. Use to be such a nice drive without the lights.
  7. Southeast area website for the Brooksville rally is at: http://www.seafmca.com/ Heads up there is no early camping as stated on the website there. I understand there is nobody at the office so they haven't been able to do this for several years. We will see you all there .
  8. Thank you. The redirect works well. I'm a little late in posting but I had been getting the error in three different browsers, whether or not I cleared all temp/history/cookies or not. All good now
  9. I have to go to the community logon area to be recognized and logged on. If I use the fields that are on the upper right it gives me an invalid token error.
  10. I do belong to a couple of chapters, one of which one has several members that play. I am just posting this in hope there might be some others that attend rallies that enjoy the card game.
  11. I found one online this past June. It works great in the propane refrigerators for keeping the fins from icing up. Smaller dehumidifier can with absorbent crystals and it fits in the back out of the way.
  12. If there are any cribbage players going to any rallies maybe we can organize a few games. It is too bad we don't offer a tournament at the rallies like good sam sometimes does.
  13. Aside from all the communication/organization problems, there are things I, personally, wish would be added to conventions/rallies In addition to the current bean bag toss, bean bag baseball. Gear will have ladder golf also. Turnout for bean bag baseball was pretty impressive I thought and it got people involved and laughing and joking and having a good time. Thank you to Al the game guy for all the energy and motivation you gave everyone. Games: Cribbage. Good Sam holds tournaments at their samborees. That might be a great item to add. Bingo: I think this would really bring in people. I stayed in a campground on the way to Indy and was amazed at the number of people crammed into their pavilion for bingo. We also had a bingo game at a chapter rally that was a big success. The rallies need a place designated for games. Most of the chapter rallies or pre-rallies I go to have an area for us to play and it's used a lot. Lots of people like Mexican train as well as different card games. Put out a sign up board that people could write on to let others know times or games they are interested in, or just show up and find someone... either way it would probably work. I haven't been to one rally where they were offering a room for games. Another suggestion would be better entertainment. National rally was lacking in this respect also. One night was a repeat of the same entertainment they had in essex jt. down to the same jokes even. The country singer was OK. Duttons did OK. A few people I talked to remarked they never get named entertainment anymore, so they don't bother going. Or anything worth while. I noticed the showing for the entertainment was not as good as it should be any of the nights at any of the four rallies I have been to. Again Good Sam is beating us ten to one with their entertainment choice. I know money is tight but there is a point where bad is, as bad or, worse than none. Brooksville had a nice band the last night ( I can't even comment on the quality of the other entertainment at Brooksville it was so bad) going but the crews started picking up the chairs and ran noisy diesels during the last 15 minutes of the show. A lot of unhappy people. Things like that keep people from coming back.
  14. ctcamper

    GEAR Rally

    Hope this helps a little bit. Have a good time and maybe we will see you there Parade: Who is in this parade and do we need to bring anything for this? Parades usually have to do with the theme of the rally itself and chapters of the FMCA will organize and participate. Motorhome Rodeo: What is this and do we need to do anything for this? Sign up when you get there. If it's like the one a year ago Essex they will supply a coach and you take the coach around obstacles or back up to a cone and get as close as you can. Coach Displays: What brands will be there? You never know. Depends on what the dealers that are going to the rally bring to display. Chapter Fair Will this be things for sale, food for sale or raffles, etc? Chapter Fair is where the chapters of FMCA set up tables, supply information about their specific chapter, and try to get you to join up. Craft Classes: What crafts will be available and at what cost? The list will be in the welcome packet you get after arriving along with the list of seminars. Another thing you don't know until you get there as to what is offered. FMCA members offer their time and skills to do a seminar so it varies rally to rally. Cost is usually for materials if they are needed.
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