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  1. Enjoyed your blog very much... and fully agree on the comments and rules!!. even though I have done RVing here in Europe, I can't wait to get the hands on my own diesel pusher in the US soon. Being someone who has been working in the oil industry for 29 years (and still working) it surprised me to know that large RV's are also called RIGS!! as that is the term that we use to call the drilling platforms / dericks. You are right.... assuming that your brand new (or well taken care of used purchase) will keep your hands clean, is simply not true; you will need to be prepared to do lots of DIY and get dirty. With a bit of experience in the field with heavy vehicles and all what it represents ( diesel engines, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc components), I can't wait to do it again, this time in my own toy.
  2. For insurance purposes I believe you (as foreign visitor in the US) need to proof a valid US address if you want to buy an RV. I've been asking about this as this is also my plan in the future..... purchase one and keep it there, travel during our 90 day visa waiver program, back to the UK and again after a few months back to the US to continue our journeys. The US/Canada have so much to see that this will take us a few years busy!!
  3. Scottishtraveller


    I liked your story Gramps.
  4. i love phaeton!! tell me more about this motorhome please....
  5. you guys look great. is that a discovery?
  6. Scottishtraveller


    Beautifull!! I'm not sure which one is this?.
  7. Not sure about the US, but here in Europe and especially in summer time kids are all over caravan parks; we travel with our two kids and they enjoy. I tend to find sites with swimming pools, walking paths, forest, etc. as this is also part of the adventure. We may try US / Canada next year. I would always say: kids are welcome!!
  8. Interesting topic.... Fleetwood impress with good advertisement of their models (Discovery being my favourite, specially the 40G that comes with additional berths just for the kids), but it is not the first time I hear complains about Fleetwood. Is it really not the best choice?. I've also considered Foretravel and Tour Master.
  9. You look great madame!!
  10. Hi Brett,

    I just joined the forum and I'm impressed with your vast experience on RV's!!. I have a few hobbies in my life (model airplanes, golf, mountain walking) and of course motorhomes. My experience is summarized on a few trips made on rented motorhomes to Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Switzerland and of course the UK where I live. One of my dreams is to cross...

  11. Hi!!, I like your retirement plan!! Identical as mine!!


    1. Schmidt


      GREAT.... I apologize for the delay... sold our stick-house and currently building a metal building to protect our retirement package... it will have 1200 sq ft of living space and serve as home base... wife retirning January 2012 and I will be retiring May 2015.

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