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  1. Wonder how it handles in a crosswind ?
  2. Saw this on a Prevost that was for sale sometime ago and thought you would like this
  3. That was very entertaining video to watch, l was only 6 then and we went camping in the heavy canvas tent, what a back breaker that must have been for my Dad to put up but good times then, now its glamping for us !!!
  4. I wish l could find a good person like Erniee out in San Diego area to do flooring, one company said all 4 slides need to come out, some don't call back, one came out and never called back with a bid, crazy ??? I know it's a lot of labor to do these, I'm ok with doing the tear out of old carpet and leaving the existing ceramic tile which looks fine. Any suggestions greatly appreciated
  5. We are actually living here cheaper than we did in Seattle and we don't live in our motorhome.
  6. Yes it was a big change after living in Seattle for 50 plus years, daughter and the grandkids live here also. I know people don't like California for a lot of reasons but l will put up with it and not be cold and damp for the rest of my life. Nice not having to winterize my coach either and can go camping year round.
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