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    Traveling California,Arizona, Nevada in our 2005 Mandalay model 40E diesel pusher
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  1. As a former twin engine motoryacht owner there are alot more gauges, vessel traffic, weather and tide conditions etc. to watch out for and your quote makes it sound like I'm not "alert" at operating a motor coach
  2. Thats so true, most times we have our toad behind us and drop down to 35 to 45 mph depending on incline and conditions, can't drive it like my Corvette !!!
  3. I had some overheating on my 05 Mandalay model 40E 400 ISL side draft radiator also and the Cummins dealer discovered that it had a bad ECM ( electronic control module ) which was not telling the hyd pump fan to speed up when needed for extra cooling, they installed a new ECM module and it had to be flashed, it does cool much better now but yes they didn't put a large enough radiator in it so I just downshift to keep the RPMS up for a better flow.
  4. Thanks for all your tips everyone, my coach is an 05 Mandalay model 40 E still learning all the tricks from switching from a gasser to a diesel pusher. Hope to see any of you at Newport Beach, CA. February 27th to March 1st Chapter get together.
  5. According to what l read it states... with slides all in start engine and press the store button.
  6. Don't have the manual, l guess l will Google it for my model l have done it both ways but don't want to screw up anything
  7. Getting confused on the proper procedure to lift the jacks, should l start the engine and let the air ride lift the rig and then retract the jacks or push the store button and make sure all jacks are up and stored then start the engine to fill the air bags ? I have a 40 ft diesel pusher no tag axle, HWH hyd system, Freightliner 05 chassis
  8. I think I may just replace it anyway and check the anode rod at the same time since the coach is 15 years old, I think the anode rod has been replaced when the PDI was performed when we bought the coach 2 1/2 years ago.
  9. Thanks for the great information, I will pull it out and check it when we get ready for the next trip.
  10. Can you use a standard pressure relief valve from home depot or Lowes or is there a difference between home or RV ones, current one shows 150 psi /210 degree rating.
  11. Crappy wet day here in San Diego but will be nice for our departure tommorow to Village Palms in Hemet CA
  12. We are not at a campground but with the holidays coming we don't have a trip till December 5th to Golden Village Palms -Hemet CA
  13. We are considering going to the rally in January but may stay nearby and come over by car for a day at the fairgrounds
  14. Mark and Terri we retired in the sun from many years in Seattle, we have been rving for over 4 years ( not living on our coach ) and travel southern California, Arizona, and Nevada mostly. We have a 2005 Mandalay model 40E diesel pusher, we just recently joined FMCA. Our favorite place is The Oasis in Las Vegas.
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