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  1. Thinking about going for a week and would like to know what fellow FMCA members think about this campground...Will the campground handle Motor Home and Tow? Any road issues to lookout for enoute here? Thanks for your replys.
  2. How did you like Mtn. View, AR? My wife and I really like it because of the music on the square....great mountain and bluegrass picking and singing. We went there for three (3) nights in August and stayed seven nights at the Ozark RV Park.with its friendly people....
  3. If you run the air conditioners on low do they use less power? I know this is a minor question, but I just don't know. Thanks for any info... PAUL
  4. Top Sail is a first class park.....it just does not get any better....our favorite place . PAUL Enjoy the Beach.
  5. I have a Progressive Industries surge protector. Decision was base on the comparison chart that is online at rvupgradestore.com/articles....It just appeared to me that the Progressive provided more protection and it is very user friendly...Good luck with the protectors...they do a very important job. Paul
  6. Thanks Brett for your reply.....I have not had an issue with either of the two furnaces on propane....will try adjusting the air inlets and see if I can get the roaring to stop....if not, I will go to a dealer for the propane regulator pressure test....Thanks again
  7. I have a very loud roaring sound when my hot water heater comes on...it is really loud when standing by it on the outside of the coach.....Is it an adjustment of the flame/air problem? Any info appreciated. Thanks
  8. the 60x74 is what is called a short queen mattress.
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